Author: Mark

July 2021 Burgee

This issue shares important Club news, race results and key dates from the Offshore Committee and announces some fun events for all from the Entertainment Committee!

June 2021 Burgee

This issue celebrates the Club’s expanded operations with the easing of COVID restrictions, including re-opening the Topside Lounge. Seasonal events are also announced.

May 2021 Burgee

This month’s Burgee covers many start of season topics including Junior Sailing, racing and the Newport Memorial Boat parade. Frostbite winners are also announced.

April 2021 Burgee

This issue of the Burgee kicks off boating season 2021. It includes appreciation for Dock Day volunteers, Regatta news, and a special boat naming opportunity to sponsor the Junior Sailing Program.

March 2021 Burgee

This issue of the Burgee provides important news about key Float and Dock dates, Junior Sailing, Offshore Racing and more. Spring is just about here!

February 2021 Burgee

This month’s Burgee provides important updates from the Commodore and Committees, shares key dates and honors the memories of members who have passed.

January 2021 Burgee

This month’s Burgee provides reports from the Commodore and others about what is in store for 2021. Some important events and milestone dates for the year ahead are shared.

December 2020 Burgee

This month’s Burgee sends best wishes your way for the holiday season and provides important updates about the Club calendar and activities!

November 2020 Burgee

This issue has important news about the proposed 2021 budget and budget voting process. Also, vital information about everyone doing their part to keep the Club open and safe!

October 2020 Burgee

This issue introduces new flag officers and committee chairs. Race winners are announced, and winter season information is shared.