2021 Frostbite Awards

Please mark your calendars – 4:30pm 22 May 2021 – Frostbite drink-up and awards presentation.  Please bring yourself and your significant.  It will be hosted at 3 Champlin Terrace, Middletown.  More formal notice will be sent out a little closer to the date.  We will be outside to maintain COVID rules.  Bring what you want to drink.  No potluck this year but should you want cheese or crackers etc. please bring what you want to eat.

2021 Frostbite

Frostbite starts 1 January at the Newport Yacht Club.  After this we race every Sunday, except Easter Sunday, until the middle of April (19th).  We start setting up the boats at 1130.  We typically have two classes, A and B.  Position from previous weeks racing determines what class one is put in.  There actually is a C Class however they never leave the bar!  We typically rotate the classes; Class A races with Class B running the race, then Class B races with Class A running the race, etc.

COVID-19 and 2021 racing

Hopefully this finds you safe and healthy during this long year.  The NYC Frostbite Committee is working hard to pull together a plan so we can sail this January given the restrictions that are in place for COVID.  For that to happen, the following changes will be in place for the 2021 season: 

1. COVID – Masks, Distancing and Facility Restrictions:

COVID requirements will be in place.  Due to COVID and expected limitations, Frostbite sailors will not be able to use the Main Deck as in the past – this is limited to NYC members only. Once on the property, masks are on and physical distancing are required.  Access to the Club will be limited to designated areas only.  In past years, the Main Deck has been used as our gathering area but due to COVID, Club operations have been significantly altered so Frostbiters will have to use another designated area (still in the works). We are working on the details of what this may look like and we hope to provide more details about this piece very soon.   

2. Registration – BIG CHANGE: 

In past years, there have been many sailors that sign up but do not show up consistently. We are looking to provide more on-the-water time for those that due commit to sailing up every week.  We anticipate our numbers being down due COVID impacts but we still need to cap the number of sailors in order to maintain safety. So, we are placing maximum registration to 30 registants.   We have a finite number of boats –  (12), two divisions, 12 boats each.  The last 2 or 3 seasons we have sailed three fleets on many Sundays and that has strained the resources of the club and the ‘on-the-water sailing’ time when so many sailors show up.  Consequently, after looking at the number of people who qualified last season and the number of NYC members in the fleet, sign-up priorities will be in place accordingly: (A) NYC members and (B) qualifiers from last season. (C) Remaining spots on a first-come-first-serve basis:

(A) First priority – 4 to 9 December will be offered to Newport Yacht members only. 
(B) Second priority – 10 December until 14 December will be offered to those who qualified in the 2020 season. 
(C) Third priority – 15 to 20 December will be offered on a first come, first serve basis until 30 qualified registrants have been received. Registration will close 20 December or when 30 registrants have been received.

3. Online Registration –  Fees

We are working on the website to have it ready by 4 December – please do not hit the website now and try to register – you will jeopardize your ability to register for the season.  The fees remain the same as last year however we are planning on not pay at registration but when you come in on 1 January 2021.

NYC Member: $100.00
Non-Member Resident: $175
Non-Member/Non-Resident: $200

As we are generally an informal group, we may have to tighten things a bit as the Frostbite Committee will do everything possible to get the season started safely on 1January.  Participants should anticipate many audibles in order to keep sailing.  

Hope to see you out there,
Frostbite Committee
FJ Ritt, Chair
Bea Grimmitt
Winkle Kelley

Turnabout Ad from the 1950s! Courtesy of Joe Slawinski.

Rules of Sailing Articles

There are a bunch of good articles about the Racing Rules Of Sailing on the Sailing World Magazine website.

How to roll up the new Turnabout (N-10) sails!

Frostbite fleet 7 March 2021 thanks to Randy Shore

No Fee will be charged during registration. Fee will be collected on 1 Jan 2021.

Registration is over!


Sailing Instructions and Amendment
Waiver form required for entrants under 18.  Download, fill out and submit to Frostbite chairman. 


2021 Results

SummaryJan 1Jan 3Jan 10Jan 31Feb 14Feb 21Mar 7Mar 21Apr 11Apr 18


18 April – Last day of the 2021 season.  Jon Thurston finished it in stile though not necessarily all his fault.  His shroud got caught on someone else’s boom, broke the mast and caused him to turtle.  And that was the end of the season!
What a great day to end the season – solid breeze from the South/SouthWest, 15-17knts, 7 races, and still time to pull the masts and booms!
Great day for Sue Besse racking up 3 bullets! David Reed just missed catching Bea Grimmitt for 2nd overall. Newbie Peter Fernberger showed signs of speed from his younger days in Marblehead – he will be a force next season.  Chris Tate had a solid day with a 2,3,2. He’ll be tough to beat this summer in the J105!  And the father – daughter battle of Rob and Maggie Schult did a great job beating each other up with Maggie poised to crush us all in the last race til the dreaded outhaul car broke…Great recovery of our mast casualty in the last B race. The sail was saved and the mast will be stripped for parts for the new one.  Thank You all for the great pack-up of the boats and gear.  Everybody pitched in and made the wrap-up quick!

28 March – Really strong winds.  Canceled.

21 March – Light winds but they got 8 races in.  SE about 7 knots.

14 March – Jeremiah Lowe did a complete turtle.  Winds easily puffing over 20 knots.  Canceled.

7 March – Light wind but sunny day.  Winds started out of the NE to N and switched to the SW for the last races.

28 February – No racing due to lack of wind.

21 February – A fleet was the last race due to dying breeze.  Nice sunny day though.

14 February – Paul Fleming went swimming again…this time he even flipped the boat too!  To his credit he went home, changed and came back to finish the day.  Rick Nebiolo sailed in the B fleet for the first time ever..and it worked until he pulled a 9th in the last race.

Past Results

Pre 2019 Frostbite Results

2021 Frostbite Skippers + 1
2021 Frostbite Skippers
2020 Frostbite Skippers
Dr. Charlie Shoemaker
(FOUNDED 1953)
2021 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2020 Rick Nebiolo Susan Besse
2019 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2018 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2017 Rick Nebiolo Missy Hudspeth
2016 Rick Nebiolo Bea Grimmitt
2015 Adam Cove Brenda Mitchell
2014 Rick Nebiolo Kate Wilson 
2013 FJ Ritt Suzy Harrington
2012 FJ Ritt Kate Wilson 
2011 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2010 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2009 FJ Ritt Winkle Kelley
2008 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2007 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2006 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2005 Chris Brady Bea Grimmitt
2004 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2003 Charles Shoemaker Bea Grimmitt
2002 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2001 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2000 Roy Guay Winkle Kelley
1999 Charles Shoemaker Rebekah Eddy
1998 Roy Guay Laura Slye
1997 Charles Shoemaker Winkle Kelley
1996 Charles Shoemaker Rachel Sanders
1995 Charles Shoemaker Rachel Sanders
1994 Charles Shoemaker Mona L’Heureux
1993 Charles Shoemaker Pam Kirk
1992 George Kirk Sarah Horowitz
1991 George Kirk Pam Kirk
1990 Matthew Corbishley Pam Kirk
1989 Geoffrey Ewenson Ellen McMahon
1988 Charles Shoemaker Betsy McClintock
1987 Charles Shoemaker  
1970 Robert Morton   
1969 Michael Medeiros   
1968 Michael Medeiros   
1967 Michael Medeiros   
1966 Michael Medeiros   
1965 David Del Nero   
1964 Henry L. Spingler  
1963 Peter Herman  
1962 Charles Laroue   
1961 Charles Laroue   
1960 Charles Laroue   
1959 Thomas Dawson