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September 2022



September 19: Last day to sign up for Texas BBQ…so sign up now!

September 24: Texas BBQ 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm


October 6: General Membership Meeting 7:00 pm



Greetings fellow Yacht Club Members,

This will be my final article for the Burgee.  I thank you all for your support during my tenure.  It has truly been an honor and a privilege to have served with an amazing Board of Directors, members, volunteers, and an outstanding staff. 

I would like to recognize outgoing Rear Commodore, Mike O’Reilly, who made the personal decision to withdraw his name from consideration by the Nominating Committee.  Mike’s hard work and dedication behind the scenes and on the Board has been greatly appreciated and his contributions will be missed.  Thank you Mike!

Additionally, I would like to recognize Steve Damas, our outgoing Float and Dock Chair for his years of dedicated service on one of the most difficult and demanding Committees at NYC.  Many Thanks Steve!

Warm and sunny skies made for a great Saturday afternoon at our end of Season Dock Party.   M/Y Main Course hosted live music by Doug Wolverton, Shari Puorto, and our very own member, John Bianchi, on keyboard.   Thank you Sarah and Albert!! 

Please plan to attend the October 6th General Membership Meeting at 7:00 to welcome in the new Board of Directors and vote on Members at Large. 

Hope to see you at the Club.

Betsy Green


Newport Yacht Club 



Very recently, the Lupos experienced a health emergency while returning to Newport after cruising. Rudy and the dock team were alerted to the issue, and took immediate action. 9-1-1 was dispatched, Rudy and dock staff motored to meet the Lupos and boarded their boat to help ready lines for docking. Ed contacted the Burgee to request that a big thank you go out to all who helped and express his heartfelt appreciation for the concern, the professionalism and dedication of our Club team. He is grateful for everyone who has shared their support and well wishes.



I started at the Newport Yacht Club with an audition dinner and received a standing ovation!  I knew I was going to like it here.

After sixteen years as your chef, I am leaving the Newport Yacht Club. I have been very proud to have worked here these years and appreciate the opportunity of cooking for you.  This has been a great job with lots of challenges and variety.   I have enjoyed it all.  I want to thank you for letting me be a part of the Newport Yacht Club history.

I wish to all members, employees and the Newport Yacht Club a great future.

Charlene Minnerly

Chef, Newport Yacht Club



Just about everything you enjoy about our Club is made possible by the many members who volunteer their time to provide leadership and lots of hands-on work. And, our community benefit activities are bigger and farther reaching for the same reason. Our staff is great, but they cannot do it alone. Here are just a few of the things you can do to be an active part of our Club community.

  1. Attend General Membership meetings.
  2. Participate in surveys of member opinion.
  3. Volunteer for committee roles and special projects.
  4. Help out wherever you can. These are challenging times in which to be operating a Club.

Thanks to everyone who has served the Club in 2022 and welcome aboard to our new Board and Committee members!


Those of you that have been reading my Burgee articles over the years know that I get to the point at hand and end it.

This issue is different because it is my last month as chair of the Float and Dock Committee. I want to   acknowledge the members of this committee over the past nine years.  Without their hard work, intelligence and support, our marina would not be what it is today.

Thanks to Bob Morin, Neill Gray, Roger Hemond, Bill Mershon, Frank Pearson, David Stewart, Peter Herne, Andy Vouras, Stefan Nessaney and Mike Keyworth.

Rudy, Dani and Lynn deserve many thanks for their work to support the marina operations. So do the many members who volunteered year after year to work on Dock Days.  Without all of your help, much less would have been accomplished.

There is much yet to be done by the new F&D Committee.  Let’s continue helping on Dock Days and whenever the call goes out for extra hands.

Best wishes to everyone,

Steve Damas, soon to be past Chair, Float and Dock Committee


Hear Ye!,  Hear Ye!

Looking forward  to another evening at the club September 24th for the Texas BBQ dinner & music.   REMEMBER to sign up on the Club website.  Go to Calendar Events by Sept. 19th to reserve and pay.

Also, see display of the Raffle Goodies above the bar that are focused on fall. Don’t hesitate to buy tickets from the bartenders. The profit that is realized from your ticket purchases is contributed to offset expenses of club activities.  A benefit to all.

Next month, as new committee members are voted in I am sorry to say that Linda Lupo will not be extending for another term.  Linda has devoted an excessive amount of time, care, thoughtfulness and financial contributions as Entertainment Committee chairperson.  I have been delighted to assist her. She devoted herself to “club fun” for us all after the release from Covid restrictions. A huge thank you to Linda is well deserved and  to Ed Lupo  for his behind the scenes efforts that are so appreciated as well.

 Chip Swanson, Entertainment Committee



Budget Monitoring Report: Overall, we are about $29k ahead of budget through July. However, we would be doing considerably better were it not for the increased costs of utilities, liquor and food. These are running well in excess of what was budgeted and therefore eating into some of the better-than- expected budgeted performance of other areas.

Insurances: The pursuit of reducing our insurance costs continues to move forward with a total of five companies expected to provide quotes by the deadline of September 15th.

Strategic Plan and Long-Term Capital Expenditures: Spirited discussion and debates are occurring at the Board level reviewing all long possibilities for NYC improvements and strategy to insure we continue to thrive as an organization. More to follow as we further develop the strategic plan.

Steve Dolan Chair, Finance Committee


An absolutely great time was had by all who attended the Dock Party on September 3rd. Great company, great pot luck food and amazing live music hosted astern the beautiful M/Y Main Course, thank you Sarah and Albert. It is always a pleasure to have our Club community gather!