The date for the start of the 2020 Offshore 160 is Friday, July 10th.   The biennial Offshore 160, held in the off-year from the Bermuda ONE-TWO, is a 160-mile qualifier for the ONE-TWO. It is a low-keyed, bare-bones event designed to potentially get new skippers’ singlehanded qualifying passage out of the way in the off-year, and to provide past competitors with a long-distance racing “fix.”

We are planning on conducting the Offshore 160. We may not have a skipper’s meeting nor award party (but plan on having awards) but we intend to do the race for those that would like to participate. The revised documentations are posted now! The Sailing Instructions, etc. will be posted at least the day before the start.

The start was postponed from Friday 10 July at noon to Saturday 11 July at 1100 and the short course will be sailed.

Registration is over!


2020 Documents: Notice of Race (NEW) / Addendum / Schedule (NEW)
Sailing Instructions
Race Log
Class Scratch Sheet

2020 Results


William J. Dubuc Trophy (First To Finish): Laurent Givry on La Defonce


7/12 1330: Rocinante finished.  Last to finish a memorable race.

7/12 1233: Highlander finished.

7/12 1248: Adventure_us finished.

7/12 1129: Bella finished.

7/12 0940: Rick Rohrer on Rocinate said he was near the windmills off of Block Island.  Was a slog to the mark OADS but a sleigh ride since.  Expects to finish between 1400 and 1500.

7/12 0912: Jack Clayton on Melantho finished.  Memorable race he says!

7/12 0845: David Southwell on Alchemy called in that he had rounded the first mark at 2210 last night and promptly hopelessly wrapped his spinnaker around the forestay.  Took 3 hrs to untangle.  Withdrew after it.

7/12 0814: La Defonce finished!

7/12 0700 – Hailed the boats and Laurent on La Defonce replied that he is about 5 nm from the finish and that Cepheus was in front of him.  Didn’t see any other boats.

7/12 0510 – Mike Millard on Wildeyes called to say he withdrew about 11 miles from the mark last night.  Things started to break and he didn’t want to push him and the boat.

07/11 2241 – Phil Haydon on Cepheus texted me that he had to withdraw a couple miles from the mark (OADS) due to  a lost shroud attachment.

7/11 1800 – Wicked foggy in Newport Harbor.  Hopefully they are not in this yet however they must end up in it on the way back.

7/11 1627 – Rocinante said he was at the south east corner of Block Island.

7/11 1700 – Paul Kanev called in that he had returned to Newport and retired due to sickness.

7/11 1105 – And they are off after delaying the start from yesterday due to the Tropical Storm Fay west of us.  Beautiful weather.  They should have a slog out there in a Southerly shifting to the SW but a sleigh ride back.  11 Boats started doing the short course.


Past Results

William Dubuc Trophy – First To Finish

Offshore 160 Photo Gallery

2018Marcus CochranGranuelle
2016Mike PiperInigo Montoya
2014Tristan MouligneSamba
2012Gordon FletcherRiptide
2010Gordon FletcherRiptide
2008Gordon FletcherRiptide
2006Bjorn JohnsonValkrie
2004John RyanSwordflounder
2002Victor PinheiroAlegria
2000Bjorn JohnsonShere Khan
1998Bjorn JohnsonShere Khan