In all Clubs there are members who selflessly give of their time and energy to others without any expectation of reward. These members are the outlet achievers who stay out of the limelight but are always the first to volunteer for any project, event, or just simply add to the Club by being a member.

As you can see by the names displayed, recognition as an Honorary Life Member is indeed a rare and prestigious honor.

Year Elected
Henry F. Crepeault, Sr.Treasurer
V.J. VanicekTreasurer
Paul K. MorrisSecretary
Helene M. LaranjoSecretary
Dorothy VanicekMember
Thomas (Tommy) F. DawsonMember
Herman DawsonMember
Julienne (Judy) E. DelneroMember
Joseph F. VitiMember1992
Alva F. GamageCommodore
James A. BarterCommodore
H. Peter HirschlerCommodore
David E. DelneroCommodore
Donald M LeysCommodore
William R. MershonCommodore1994
John H Grant Jr.Commodore2010
Stephen C. LepleyCommodore2018
Roy H GuayOffshore2018