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16 April: Final day of 2023 Frostbite.  27 people partcipated in mild light wind conditions.  Able to get 6 races in; 2 in each class.  FJ Ritt is the winner this year.

2 April: A little puffy out of the NW about 3 to 15 kts.  Caryn Cummings got a little wet up to her knees.  C fleet caught up sailing 4 races and A and B sailing 3 races each.  Nice sunny day in the 40s.  Spring may actually be coming

26 March: Nice winds initially however it built up into the 20s so only the first two classes (A and B) were able to race.  Canceled when the wind shifted to the SouthWest and increased.

12 March: Winds very shifty again but first Northerly with a little west in it then Northeasterly 8-15 knots. Mild.  Very nice day. 30 Participants.  Ran 3 classes each with 4 races for a total of 12 races. Long afternoon.

5 March: Winds 12-20 out of the NW thus gusty.  Two people went swimming: Sean Kelley and Paul Del Nero.  Gave up after the 2nd turtle.

26 February: Cancelled due to high winds.

19 February: Fairly nice day.  S 7-20 kts, temp in the 40s, mostly cloudy.  2 fleets.  Fred Roy and Chris Tate got tangled resulting in a broken mast on Fred Roy’s boat.

12 February: Nice weather, nice wind.  SW 8-12 kts, temp in the 40s but little sun.  3 fleets.  People in the bar were D fleet.

29 January: Racing canceled due to excessive wind.

22 January: 35 people participated in nice wind SE 11-17 kts.  Three classes were used.

15 January: Canceled due to lots of wind!

8 January: Wicked light wind day out of the North, temp in the mid 30s.  Delayed start due to lack of wind.  Was able to get 3 races in when the wind shut down again. Three classes were used but all got one race in.

1 January: What a day to start Frostbiting.  Lower 50s and wind out of the WNW between 12 and 18 knots and sunny!  30 people participated so 3Xs had to be used in each race.  4 races were held in each class (A and B).  C class was plentiful however they were watching the Patriots actually win.