Author: Mark

June 2024 Burgee

This issue of the Burgee celebrates many community benefit activities, shares key dates and invites YOU to become part of the Club’s volunteer leadership.

May 2024 Burgee

This issue announces upcoming educational events, reports on our strategic planning process and provides sound evidence that the season is heating up!

March 2024 Burgee

This issue is chock full of important action items for Club members: sign up for Dock Day, register for Regatta training, take the Fleet Captain’s survey and learn about a number of traditions with which the Club and its members are involved.

February 2024 Burgee

This issue shares information about Club activities, sailing events, important dates and more.

January 2024 Burgee

This edition includes a report on successes of the 2023 Community Benefit Plan, news from Regatta, Offshore and Junior Sailing and posting of candidates and membership changes pending from Membership Committee.

December 2023 Burgee

This last edition of 2023 shares news, celebrates Cole Brauer’s sailing achievement and the Club’s receipt of the Elite Marina Boater’s Choice Award. Happy New Year to all!

November 2023 Burgee

This issue announces many important holiday dates, the 2024 slip assignment meeting and both a special and scheduled General Membership Meeting.

September 2023 Burgee

This issue has important announcements regarding community events, upcoming regattas and more.

August 2023 Burgee

This issue shares thanks from the Gold Star Sailing program, announces the Dock Party and the Golf Tournament, thanks from Junior Sailing and more.