2017 Frostbite Racing

Frostbite starts 1 January at the Newport Yacht Club.  After this we race every Sunday, except Easter Sunday, until the middle of April.  We start setting up the boats at 1130.  We typically have two classes, A and B.  Position from previous weeks racing determines what class one is put in.  There actually is a C Class however they never leave the bar!  We typically rotate the classes; Class A races with Class B running the race, then Class B races with Class A running the race, etc.

Class B rounding the windward mark.Class B heading downwind with Charlie Shoemaker in the crash boat observing.George Kirk approaching the windward mark.Class A start: L to R - FJ Ritt, Roy Guay, Paul Fleming, Bob Morton, Paul Del Nero just before Roy Guay turtled while tacking.

Turnabout Ad from the 1950s! Courtesy of Joe Slawinski.

Turn-a-bout Turn-a-bout (152 KB)

Rules of Sailing Articles

There are a bunch of good articles about the Racing Rules Of Sailing on the Sailing World Magazine website.


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Sailing Instructions
Waiver form required for entrants under 18.  Download, fill out and submit to Frostbite chairman.


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4/9 - Nice day for our last day of the season.  Sunny, 15-20 kts out of the SW.

4/2 - Great day, sun shining decent temp and nice winds.  Wind shifted half way through the day from the NE to the SW.  8 races held.

3/26 - Finally we raced!  Nice conditions even though no sun.  Out of the East about 10 kts. 10 races were run.

3/19 - And another one bites the dust.  Way too much wind!

3/12 - Racing canceled again due to excessive cold and wind and boats frozen in.

3/5 - Racing canceled again due to excessive winds. But it was cold on top of that.

2/26 - Racing canceled due to excessive winds. Nice day otherwise.

2/19 - What a beautiful day; sun shinning, temp in the 50s nice wind out of the SW.

2/12 - 17 people braved the rain/snow/cold conditions and got 4 races in.  Wanted to do 6 races but the cold won out.

2/5 - Racing canceled due to predicted high winds.

1/29 - Frostbite was canceled with winds over 20 kts up to 28.

1/22 - B fleet made up for not being able to have the same number of A fleet races last week by starting first this week.  Nice day, in the 40s, sun in and out, wind 5-12 NE.

1/15 - Good crowd, nice weather but the wind dying at the end.  B fleet didn't get to be the last race. Sunny, temps in the upper 30s and wind 5-12 NNW.

1/8 - Twenty brave ones went out today in low 20 degree weather with the wind out of the NNW 12-15 kts.  Broke one forestay and FJ turtled while tacking (slipped and lost his footing, gurgle, gurgle).

1/1 - Wonderful day for the first day of the season.  Blowing initially up to 20 kts but dying down to 10-15 WSW.  Bunch of new people showed up and a couple that haven't raced in a while.  Welcome.



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Founders Cup - Past First Place Finishers (Founded 1953)

Judy Del Nero - Top Woman Finisher

2017 Rick Nebiolo Missy Hudspeth
2016 Rick Nebiolo Bea Grimmitt
2015 Adam Cove Brenda Mitchell
2014 Rick Nebiolo Kate Wilson
2013 FJ Ritt Suzy Harrington
2012 FJ Ritt Kate Wilson
2011 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2010 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2009 FJ Ritt Winkle Kelley
2008 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2007 FJ Ritt Bea Grimmitt
2006 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2005 Chris Brady Bea Grimmitt
2004 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2003 Charles Shoemaker Bea Grimmitt
2002 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2001 Roy Guay Bea Grimmitt
2000 Roy Guay Winkle Kelley
1999 Charles Shoemaker Rebekah Eddy
1998 Roy Guay Laura Slye
1997 Charles Shoemaker Winkle Kelley
1996 Charles Shoemaker Rachel Sanders
1995 Charles Shoemaker Rachel Sanders
1994 Charles Shoemaker Mona L'Heureux
1993 Charles Shoemaker Pam Kirk
1992 George Kirk Sarah Horowitz
1991 George Kirk Pam Kirk
1990 Matthew Corbishley Pam Kirk
1989 Geoffrey Ewenson Ellen McMahon
1988 Charles Shoemaker Betsy McLintock
1987 Charles Shoemaker