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2022 Documents: Notice of Race / Addendum / Schedule
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William J. Dubuc Trophy (First To Finish): Take Two – Gordon Fletcher


7/17 1500: The awards was held at NYC.  About 20 people attended.  Several of the skippers were not able to be there.  In summary 12 people total had signed up for this year’s race.  By the time race date arrived we were down to 9 and 8 actually started.  Gordon Fletcher picked up both first in Class 1 as well as first overall for the William J. Dubuc Trophy.  Class 2 winner was John Manderson on Kismet. It was announced that those that finished this year’s 160 are eligible for the New England ShortHanded Ocean Racing Trophy if they sail in the Solo/Twin doublehanded. 

7/17 1026: Windswept finally finishes! 

7/16 2200: Welcomed Wildeyes and Finale into the marina after a long run. Fate decided to withdraw and go into Block Island for the night.

7/16 2130: 3 boats finished, Wildeyes 2028 , Finale 2040, Kismet 2112.  Windswept reported to expect to get to the Gay Head mark early morning assuming the wind holds. Fate is out there also.

7/16 1814: Kismet rounded Mark 2 at 1800.

7/16 1719: Take Two finished.

7/16 1600: Wildeyes reported rounding Mark 1 at 0110 and Mark 2 at 1540. Finale near.

7/16 1550: Finale texted that he rounded the 2nd mark (Gay Head) at 1546 and 4 minutes behind Wildeyes.

7/16 1500: Take Two is 8.6 nm from the finish however he is going slow. The boats heading to Gay Head are beam reaching so should be moving ok but from Gay Head to the finish is down wind and would be SLOW.

7/16 1417: Take Two texted me finally realizing he had the wrong number for me.  He rounded 1st buoy last night at 2316 and rounded the 2nd buoy off of Gay Head at 1309 today.

7/16 1359: Rambunctious retires nears the windmills.

7/16 1356: Fate announced that he rounded at 1228.  With what I believe is Windswept near by.

7/16 1314: Kismet texted me that he rounded Mark 1 at 0344.

7/16 1118: Fate texted me that they are about 1 hour from the 1st mark and is in nice wind now.  He said that there is another boat near him, black sails and red spinnaker.  Sounds like Windswept.

7/16 0344: Rambunctious reported that he rounded at 0210, I think!

7/16 0203: Finale texted me with his Sat phone. Rounded 1st mark at 0144, 9 minutes behind Wildeyes.

7/15 2030: Red Sky withdrew due to serious charging problems. Was in the vicinity of the wind mills. There are now 4 boats reporting on Marine Traffic via AIS; Take Two 7.1 kts 26 min old, Kismet 5.5 kts, Wildeyes 6.5 kts 2 hrs old, Windswept 3.7 kts. Take Two appears to be the nearest to the weather mark. Wildeys report South 8-10 kts (nice) and 20 nm from the mark.

7/15 1800: Notice three boats reporting with AIS. Take Two SW of Block Island doing 7.9 kts, Kismett W of Block Island doing 2.6 kts and Windswept NW of BI doing 2.9 kts.

7/15 1330: 8 boats were off in light conditions but strong outgoing tide which is fine if you are not early to the line. Take Two, Gordon Fletcher, was over and had to come back fighting the tide. Red Sky, Mark Winslow, was swept into the pin and came back. Other than that the boats were moving. Windswept was the only one with the spinnaker up. I guess the others were expecting the SouthWesterly to com in and didn’t want to waist the effort with the spinnaker up for a short while. Abilyn did not start.