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Cliff Mitchell Family Trophy: Flying Fish’s Steve & Josh Parks
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7/27 2000 – 2019 S/T is over, about 40 people attended the Awards/Party. It was lots of fun. Caryn Cummings, Jody Sullivan, Jim Oblinger, Alyce & Bill Croasdale provided a lasagna dinner. Alyce provided a slide show of the pictures she took of the start from the RC boat. All in all it was a pretty fast race with the earliest boats finishing just before Friday’s midnight.
7/27 1000 – Highlander finished doing the 77 nm course which is interesting since he was supposed to have done the 65 nm course.
7/26 1900 – The fire on Sarah has been put out (I think by the Newport fire boat), Todd and Greg reboarded Sarah and SeaTow towed them back to Warwick. They are fine.
Boats are reporting in rounding both 1BI and the Southwest BI buoy. Beautiful conditions.
7/26 1400 – reports came in that Sarah had turned back then that smoke was coming out of the boat. Some power boats were around and picked the crew off the boat. There was an lithium fire on board. The coast guard were present as well as Sea Tow. All is ok.
7/26 1300 – And they are off. 27 boats started out of 28. 6 classes. We started them in 5 minute starting sequence so it went quick. However the boat Oohla started 21 minutes late.