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Cliff Mitchell Family Trophy:  Larvik’s Kim Andersen and Bill Beebe
New England ShortHanded Ocean Racing Trophy:  Samba Tristan Mouligne


October –  Breakaway notified us that they were retiring after finishing (RAF). Results recalculated.

7/28 – Photos by Bill Shea that were shown during the Awards are posted in the gallery; see below for “Photo Gallery”.
Photos by Bill Shea, All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2018.
Prints available by request via shea1211@verizon.net

7/28 1900: The awards are over.  We had a real nice crowd of about 50 people. 30 boats started, 19 finished with only 1 multihull of 5 finished!  Steve Parks of Flying Fish being the only non-finishing multihull present was the recipient of many jokes. All the boats finished between 0404 and 1006 Saturday morning; nice grouping.  This year we had a low turnout on the number of family skippers; just 2.  6 women participated.  A seventh (and 3rd family) would have participated however Hillary Beach came down with something before the race and her father Murray switched to the Solo Class 5.
We welcomed Bob Johnston back to racing in his own boat.  Bob has been racing with his son Todd in either Todd’s boat or his previous boats.  Todd this time raced on another boat (Sarah). Bob raced with Angela Weathers.
There were lots of stories. I only picked up a few:
– There was lots of talk during Friday evening about the storm front off to the west.  A number of boats withdrew in anticipation of thunderstorms however I believe only one boat reported getting hit with a squall which was Highlander who had just dropped all sails when the squall of 38 knots hit them. No problems from it however most boats got wet from rain. At some point with the spinnaker up the shackle opened up and the spinnaker came raining down.  After gathering up the spinnker (now wet) they put it back up using a genoa halyard.
– James Hennigan on SeaJaI developed a problem with his D2 which required him going up the mast to fix otherwise he would have had to retire.
– Some of the boats withdrew due to other scheduled events! Flying Fish, Zibure come to mind.  What part of “No Time Limit” did they miss? 🙂
– The boats went into fog starting at Castle Hill and had dense fog periodically up to Pt Judith or Block Island.  Once the fog disappeared they had a wonderful view of the Full Moon.
See above for the results. I’d like to call out that Steve Clarke on Next Wave has been doing the S/T for a number of years and he finally won a well fought race in Class 1.  I apologize for not posting the results Saturday but I fell asleep while trying to post them and forgot that I hadn’t posted them. In addition to the regular awards Joe Cooper of Hood Sails (one of our sponsors) awarded a gift to the boat that had the longest elapsed time, the boat out there the longest.  Dune Bugy – Nick Brachet.
The Cliff Mitchell Family Trophy was awarded to Larvik, Kim Andersen and Bill Beebe.
The following boats also did the Offshore 160 and were candidates for the New England ShortHanded Ocean Racing Trophy: Samba, Breakaway, First Light, Alchemy, Dune Buggy, Meridian, Kincora and Corvus.  The winner of this trophy  is the boat that does the best in the singlehanded Offshore 160 and Twin in the New England Solo/Twin. Samba was awarded this trophy having won his class in the Offshore 160 and 3rd in his twin class in the Solo/Twin.
The following NYC members participated in the race: Steve Clarke on Next Wave, Dennis Ferreira on Gallop, Jonathan Bixby and Steve Berlack on Highlander, Kate Wilson on Persistence who beat her father Dave Wilson on Pau Hana, James Hennigan on SeaJai and Steve and Josh Parks on Flying Fish.
Trophies: Betsy McClintock and Jeff Spranger.
Duty Desk: Ted Singsen at Registration Desk. Bill & Alyce Croasdale, Crash Pat Clayton and me.
Race Committee Boat: Ned Anderson, Roger & Jane Fontaine, Jim Oblinger, Bill Shea (pictures) and me.
Food by the club’s cook Charlene.
Stefan Nassaney and his staff on the docks and launch.
Newport Storm for the bottles of Thomas Tews awarded with the 1st place trophies.
Hood Sails for the longest elapsed time award.

7/28 Noon: Sorry about the lack of info after 2104 last night. The first boat to finish at 0404 was Larvik and the last boat to finish was Ping (the only multi to finish) at 1006.  Nice band of time.

Kincora bailing out into Old Harbor due to weather concerns.
2010: Skeddadle withdrew due to weather concerns.
2001: Kincora rounded Southweat BI buoy. Slow going 2.6 kts current and 4 kts wind.
1954: SeaJaI rounded Southwest BI buoy.
1938: Meridian rounded Southwest BI buoy. Reports 11 knots out of the South, pretty calm water.
1921: Grimace rounded Southwest Block Island buoy.
1858: Bellatrix rounded Southwest BI buoy.
1848: Memory rounded Southwest BI buoy.
1847: Breakaway rounded Southwest BI buoy.

7/27 1727: Persistence rounded 1BI.  Evidently the rest of her class had also rounded 1BI.
1705: Scappare rounded 1BI
1703: Larvik rounded 1BI reported by Scappare.
Corvus has withdrawn.

7/27 1400: We started 30 boats today with fog going in and out.  For the last two starts we couldn’t see Jamestown.  They sailed away into the fog out by Castle Hill it looked like to us.  Hope they don’t have fog for long.Usually the boats are pretty far away from the line but this time in Class 6 Skedaddle, Andy Houlding & Laurent Apollon, were over the line at the start.  They went around the Race Committee boat and restarted.  Race Committee was made up of Roy Guay, Ned Anderson, Roger & Jane Fontaine, Jim Oblinger and Bill Shea (taking pictures).