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7/25 1900: About 35 people braved the Folk Festival traffic to participate in the Awards at the Newport Yacht Club. To see the results click on “Results” above.
The following people helped out with the race:
Food: Mal Kaull, Jenifer Tysor, Rosa Tysor
Registration: Ted Singsen
Race Committee Boat: Ned Anderson, Roger Fontaine, George Crocker, Tink Tysor, Mal Kaull and Bill Shea taking pictures.
Duty Desk: Kristen Wenzell, Pat Clayton, Alyce & Bill Crosdale, Rosa Tysor.
Docks: Stefan Nassaney, Rudy Borgueta and staff.

7/25 0936: Last boat to finish is Long Gone – David Ryan and Alex Bocconcelli.  All 21 boats finished!  Three classes sailed the 77 nm course and two classes sailed the 64 nm course.So the courses chosen worked out well.

7/24 0300: First boat to finish is Goat Rodeo – Todd and Robert Johnston.

7/24 1300: And their off.  21 boats started.  We were able to start them without the wind dying.  We gave courses nothing longer than 77 nm with the expectations of very light winds.  Well, at 1900 they all still have wind.  Looks like a short race.  Thunder storm warnings for the race course.

7/23 1600: Registration .