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7/26 1900 – About 40 people were able to make the awards/party braving the traffic and parking caused by the Folk Festival at Fort Adams. The finishing status of the boats was announced, awards were given out, food was given out and plenty of gab was to be heard.  Epiphany ended up with almost one hour lead at the end over long time competitor Dark Star who was in second place.
31 boats registered, 27 boats started, 1 boat didn’t finish and one boat Retired After Finishing thus 25 boats finished and a majority of them finished in a rather short period of time making it a rather busy time for us.
Michael Millard introduced the trophy which he sponsored new this year, New England Short-Handed Ocean Racing Trophy, to promote both the Offshore 160 and New England Solo/Twin races with the long term hope of building up skippers for the Bermuda One-Two.  The award is to go to the boat/skipper combination that does well in both single handed in the Offshore 160 and double handed in a spinnaker class of the New England Solo/Twin. Mike awarded the inaugural trophy to Tristan Mouligne on Samba.  Tristan won his class (as well as first to finish) in the Offshore 160 and won his double handed spinnaker class in the New England Solo/Twin.
We had a wonderful spread of food put out by the following people: Caryn Cummings, Don & Sarawyn Berrett, Jody Sullivan and Caryn’s niece Julie.
I would also like to thank the following people that supported the race.
Race Committee Boat:  Roy Guay (timing), Ted Singsen (radio), Jeff Spranger (horn), George Crocker (line), Ned Anderson (flags and driver), Caryn Cummings (flags), Kristen Wenzel (photographer) and Donna (spotter).
Manning the Duty Desk for VHF radio and phone calls throughout the night were: Roy Guay, Ted Singsen, Mike Koster, Alyce & Bill Croasdale, and Pat Clayton.
I would also like to thank the Club Steward Rudy Borgueta, Dock Master Stefan Nassaney and staff for taking care of the boats.

7/26 1344 – Last boat to finish was Trifion, David Paine.  Windswept, Rick McCally, beat him by 43 minutes to avoid being the last boat to finish this year.

7/26 0600 – First spinnaker monohull to finish was Goat Rodeo.  This is the latest the Class 1 spinnaker and Multihulls have finished that I can remember.  The first leg was slow due to the dieing breeze and switching to SW.  The leg from Gay Head was on the nose with chop and was tough for the smaller boats and multihulls.

7/26 0545 – First multihull to finish was Bazinga!.

7/26 0512 – First boat to finish was a monohull which is unusual; Ursa.

7/25 1745: Todd Johnston called to say he had rounded with Shearwater and Breakaway and was surprised to see Epiphany coming around Block Island the other way and rounding with the Class 1 boats.  Samba rounded just before Epiphany.  Vento Solare rounded soon afterwards and also remarked about Epiphany.

7/25 1300: And they are off.  They started in a NW dying wind.  One boat, Hanna one of two Catalina 36 Mk2s, was over early but was trying to get back to the line before the start so they weren’t hurt too much.  The other Catalina 36 Mk2 fouled another boat just after the start and performed two 360s so the two Catalina 36 Mk2s were neck and neck but behind their class a bit.  Boats Granuelle, Pegasus, Mad Czech  and Milk & Honey3 (hurt his back) did not show up for the race.

7/25 0900: Skipper’s meeting and finish up registration.  People liked the new shirts and hats. It was announced that the J/109 Vento Solare was being moved to Class 1 from Class 2.  A big gulp was heard from Bill Kneller in response!  Courses were assigned:  Classes 1, 2, 5 and 6 Course B 100nm; Classes 3 and 4 Course C; 77 nm.  The wind isn’t expected to get as light as expected yesterday.

7/25 0800: light breakfast before the Skipper’s Meeting.

7/24 1600: Registration was held where the Sailing Instructions, Race Log and shirts were handed out.