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2013 Results:

Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Rounding Times Results


7/27 2000 – The awards are over, the food has been eaten, I guess the 2013 Solo/Twin is over.  The results and Mark Rounding times are posted above. About 40 people participated in the awards/party with the sound of the Folk Festival in the background from Ft Adams.  Saturday ended up being a beautiful day compared to starting Friday which was raining and very windy. Two boats reported seeing dolphins while sailing, the moon was a spotlight during the night and the sunset was unbelievable.
Below are pictures of the trophies, a dolphin, and a rainbow with Warriors Wish

7/27 1030 – As of now all the boats have finished; Impromptu being the last boat to finish.  He was in the single handed class; first timer.  The boats made it fairly quickly around the course. Of the 27 boats that started, two withdrew but the rest finished.

7/26 2000 – as the day is progressing the wind forecast has changed to having a nice breeze most of the time vice almost no wind.  27 boats started today.

7/26 1430 – And they are off.  Wind was blowing around 18kts with gusts to 25kts but fortunately the rain stopped for the start.  The wind was out of the NNW and they all started on starboard some jibing on the line from port which was interesting for some of the boats.  A few boats canceled before the race, Mala and Carina and Ttritium didn’t show up for the start.  Before the start I moved Morning Dance from Class 2 into Class 1.  The Class scratch sheet and Sailing Instructions are now posted.
We had our first reported rounding at 1425 and it was the F-31 Bazinga!; fast!

7/24 1600: The Coast Guard eliminated two of the buoys that we use for the Solo/Twin so Courses A and  B needed to be reworked.  A is deleted for this year but B was changed to use a buoy at Gay Head vice R”2″ at Nomans Land and Pt. Judith R”2″ vice the NB Raycon Buoy.