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The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy – Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Bob & Todd Johnston on Morning Dance.
Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Roundings 


07/31 2100: The results and the mark roundings have been posted above.

07/31 1800:  About fifty something people came to the Awards Party at the Newport Yacht Club.  A gab session went on for the first 15 minutes then the awards were handed out.
– The Newport Yacht Club Commodore was introduced for some words.
– I would like to thank the following personnel for their help:
Food: Mal Kaull, Rosa Tysor, Jennifer Mulcahey, Debbie Weller.
Race Committee Boat: Roy Guay, Jeff Spranger, Ray Cormier, Pat Clayton, Mal Kaull.
Duty Desk: Roy Guay, Alyce and Bill Croasdale, Dave Nassaney, Rosa Tysor, Pat Clayton, Ted Singsen.
Pictures were taken by Ray Cormier and video was taken by Pat Clayton.  Both were shown during the evening.
– 42 boats started 40 finished.
– Awards were presented to the first three places of the 6 classes.
– The Cliff Mitchell Trophy was awarded to Bob and Todd Johnston of Morning Dance.

07/31 1300:  The last boat to finish was Caribbean Soul at 1248.  It was reported by several people that the wind after rounding the Racon “NB” the wind piped up to 20 kts however the wind was only blowing around 5 kts in Newport.  Only 2 boats withdrew.

7/31 0300: Triad was the first multihull to finish at 0145.  Cutlass was the first mononull to finish at 0222.

7/30 1720: The boats started rounding the SW buoy off Block Island.

7/30 1300: All the boats got off successfully albeit slow.  The start was under northerly winds 5-8 kts but we were able to get them off.  Mostly under spinnakers.  Red Sky and Floating Point did not start so 41 boats started.  No over earlys and no real late starters.  Might be a relatively long race due to light winds.