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2009 Results:

The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy – Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Pat & Greg Dillon on Quantum Leap..
Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Roundings 


7/25 1800 – Awards Party was held; about 50 people participated.  33 boats started and 4 did not finish.  There was much recapping of the race.  Evidently many boats got caught up in the adverse current and light air at 1BI.  We did not have the usual dieing of the wind between 4am and 8am so the boats moved most of the time.  A thunder storm came through the are in the middle of the night which gave Newport a lot of rain but fortunately most of the boats did not get nor did any serious squalls hit them. Food was provided and enjoyed.
I’d like to thank the following people that helped this year’s event:
Food Prepertion: Mal Kaull, Deb Weller, Rosa Tysor and Tink Tysor
Race Committee: Dave Del Nero, John O’Toole, Mal Kaull, Perrin Tysor and Roy Guay
Duty Desk: Joe Cooper relieved me so I could walk my dogs
Pat Clayton: many things
Yacht Club support:  George Houlihan and his staff
7/25 0746 – Last boat to finish was Josephine.
7/25 0237 – Our first monohull to finish was Next Wave (Newport YC member Steve Clarke) with Wazimo hot on Next Wave’s heels finishing one minute later.  They sailed neck and neck from Nomans Land to the finish.
7/25 0141 – Our first boat to finish, Triceratops (multihull), finished.
7/24 2200 – 3 boats have reported that they have retired; Skeleton Crew, Gremlin and Dragon J (who was doing the 125 mile course vice the 95 mile course like everyone else).  Shearwater reported rounding Buzzard’s Tower at 2245, Palangi @ 2326 doing 3.4 kts towards the Raycon.  Josephine said they rounded Block at 1858 and had to struggle through head on winds which had changed after a lot of boats had gotten by so that slowed him down a lot with respect to a lot of the boats.
7/24 1800 – Dick Bioty with Becky called in to report all the boats that had reported in as rounding Block.
7/24 – Race started today.  We had to delay start by 30 minutes due to the Swan Regatta and the extra start line caused some confusion.  The wind was out of the NW blowing pretty good, 15-20, so they flew out to Block Island.  All boats were around Block Island by 1900, before dark.  So they are flying.  The last person said that the slower boats got stuck with a wind shift that created windward work to the 1st mark thus slowing them down with respect to the folks that made it around before the wind shift.  For the leg to Nomands Land Josephine said that he had 13kts SW which was going to be a great spinnaker leg. Swamp Fox and Morning Light did not start.
7/23 – Registration night.