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4/7/2024 – Twenty eight people and 10 races (5 each fleet).  Sunny day, nice winds.

3/31/2024 – EASTER – no racing today.

3/24/2024 – Sunny but strong NNE wind and puffy. 10 racers so raced classes of 5. Gardner Howe volunteered to be the one to go in the water today.

3/17/2024 – Sunny but windy. CANCELED, again!

3/10/2024 – Sunny, W 15-22 very puffy.

3/3/2024 – Sunny, NW to NE to N to SW 10-12 kts with a lull during the changes.

2/25/2024 – Sunny 11-15 kts.  However Jonathan Thurston managed to go in; auto tack and kept on going. Only 6 races today.

2/18/2024 – Didn’t even show up to race.  Wind blowing out of the SW well over 20 knots with gusts into the 30s.

2/11/2024 – 9 races today.  Sort of sunny, NW 12 kts dying.

2/4/2024 – 12 races today. Sunny, nice winds.

1/28/2024 – Wet and wind building/puffy out of the NE. 3 fleets total of 9 races.

1/21/2024 – With the temps in the teens overnight and getting up to the low 20s by sailing time, the Crash boat was frozen.  So no racing!

1/14/2024 – No chance.  Blowing 20 to mid 30s and occasionally into the 40s and even 50. Maybe next week.

1/7/2024 – Only 4 races were held. Very puffy and building.  Ed Brady swamped (not TURTLED!) his boat in the first race.

1/1/2024 – Wind was a little too light for the first day of the 2024 frostbite series however two drifting races were held.  NE breeze up to about 5 knots.