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18 April – Last day of the 2021 season.  Jon Thurston finished it in stile though not necessarily all his fault.  His shroud got caught on someone else’s boom, broke the mast and caused him to turtle.  And that was the end of the season!
What a great day to end the season – solid breeze from the South/SouthWest, 15-17knts, 7 races, and still time to pull the masts and booms!
Great day for Sue Besse racking up 3 bullets! David Reed just missed catching Bea Grimmitt for 2nd overall. Newbie Peter Fernberger showed signs of speed from his younger days in Marblehead – he will be a force next season.  Chris Tate had a solid day with a 2,3,2. He’ll be tough to beat this summer in the J105!  And the father – daughter battle of Rob and Maggie Schult did a great job beating each other up with Maggie poised to crush us all in the last race til the dreaded outhaul car broke…Great recovery of our mast casualty in the last B race. The sail was saved and the mast will be stripped for parts for the new one.  Thank You all for the great pack-up of the boats and gear.  Everybody pitched in and made the wrap-up quick!

28 March – Really strong winds.  Canceled.

21 March – Light winds but they got 8 races in.  SE about 7 knots.

14 March – Jeremiah Lowe did a complete turtle.  Winds easily puffing over 20 knots.  Canceled.

7 March – Light wind but sunny day.  Winds started out of the NE to N and switched to the SW for the last races.

28 February – No racing due to lack of wind.

21 February – A fleet was the last race due to dying breeze.  Nice sunny day though.

14 February – Paul Fleming went swimming again…this time he even flipped the boat too!  To his credit he went home, changed and came back to finish the day.  Rick Nebiolo sailed in the B fleet for the first time ever..and it worked until he pulled a 9th in the last race.