Burgee Burgee Flag

February 2024



16 March: Northeast Ocean Race Symposium



Greetings fellow yacht club members,

It certainly has been a very “different” winter so far, rain, winds and now snow! However, each passing day gives us more daylight and a warmer sun.

During these winter months, the Club’s staff and board of directors are working on projects so we will be ready for the 2024 season. Our new sound/audio system has been installed and sounds great. We now have the ability to make announcements and play music in each of the areas on the main deck, lounge or outdoors selectively or all at the same time. 

Our new clubhouse sprinkler system has been installed with the exposed pipes still to be painted. 

On Jan. 31st, we tried a new event, music bingo. Much fun was had by all, along with a few glasses of wine.

 Lastly, I have appointed Dennis Ferreira as our new Fleet Captain. Please help me in welcoming Dennis who has some exciting ideas for cruises. In the next few weeks Dennis will be sending out a survey asking what type of on-the-water activities you would be interested in participating in. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

All the best,

Bob and Rosalie


At the January Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved the Strategic Plan 2024 document. The task now is for the various working groups to assess the assigned issues, determine a viable path for solution, and make implementation recommendations to the Board. Issues requiring long term planning and/or a dedicated funding source will go before the Board, be reviewed and upon Board approval, go to Membership for a vote. When such applicable initiatives are ready, the Board will ensure the information is available to Membership so informed decisions can be made.

The Board has also formed a working group to address the anticipated vacancy of the General Manager position later this year. This group will be working diligently over the month on updating the position description/requirements and intend to post the position in March.

F.J. Ritt, Vice Commodore



Club members enjoyed a guided tour of seals and their habitat with Save the Bay aboard one of their vessels. The weather was great, and a lot of seals were out to put on a show. After the trip Lynn served snacks and everyone hung out and enjoyed the Club! Sara Mariani will be organizing an event at the new Save the Bay Aquarium. Details will follow in the Burgee



Question: Why do we shoot the cannon at sunset?

The tradition is naval; it began with the British Royal Navy, and continues with the U.S. Navy. Cannons or guns are fired at sunset when the flag is taken down, as a sign of respect. In the days when sailing ships were armed with cannon, it could take as long as twenty minutes to load and fire a gun. When a ship fired her guns in salute, she rendered herself powerless for the duration. By emptying their guns, the ship’s crew showed shore batteries and forts that they were no threat. Over time, this gesture became a sign of respect, with both shore and ship gun batteries firing volleys.

The time-honored naval tradition of Evening Colors and rendering honors to the National Ensign happens each day, at sunset, on every Department of Defense installation around the world.  The Newport Naval Station plays “Retreat”, which is accompanied by the lowering of the National Flag. Service members are required to stand at attention and face the colors and flag if visible.  Most, if not all yacht clubs in the U.S. follow this tradition. 

Typically, Evening Colors begins with the command, “Attention to Colors” followed immediately thereafter by a cannon shot. Upon hearing the cannon shot, or the command “Colors,” all those on Club property in sight of the flag will stand and face the flag, in silence, with their right hand over their heart, until the flag is fully lowered. At that point, the command, “Carry on” will be given.

Reference: Public, “wickedlocal.com”



The roller system devised by the Float and Dock Committee of Steve Damas, Bob Morin and Roger Hemond stands up to the weather. The rollers allow the ends of the docks to roll with the high tides.

Contributed by Edith Morin




We have been asked to participate in races run by other clubs with the potential of raising our Club’s profile within the Newport racing community.  Details of any potential involvement are still lacking, but in all cases we will require additional support from our members either as race committee officials or as providers of mark boats. Please let us know about your level of interest in participating by dropping a line to regatta@newportyachtclub.org

In support of this and of our regular races, if you are interested in being part of the race committee and learning more about how sailboat races are run, please join us for a seminar given by USSailing, date and details to come. If you have questions, please contact Jackie Dietrich at nptj24saila@gmail.com or call (401) 207-0822. We are looking for six to ten members (could be non-members too, so bring a friend) to participate. If you enjoy being on the water this is a great opportunity to participate.

Alan Renfrew Chair, Regatta Committee


The 2024 March Skippers’ Forum and Shore Party has been cancelled. The next one will be 2 November 2024.

We have added the use of the BY Tracking trackers that we use for the Bermuda One-Two to the Offshore 160 and New England Solo/Twin races for this year.

We will be co-sponsoring the Northeast Ocean Race Symposium with the Marion Bermuda and Marblehead to Halifax races on 16 March at the Bentley University, Waltham, MA. Information and registration at  https://marionbermuda.com/NORS/ for those that may be interested.

Roy Guay Chair, Ted Singsen, Kristen Wenzel