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July 2022



29 July — New England Solo/Twin


12 August — Raw Bar Happy Hour



Greetings fellow Yacht Club Members,

Summer is in full swing here at the Club.  We have some exciting Youth activities planned in addition to the ever-popular Marine Adventure Camp.

NYC once again hosted students from the Newport Community School’s What’s Your Path summer program.  Our General Manager took groups of students aboard Patience this month. They explored employment and enrichment opportunities on the waterfront.  Thanks Rudy!

The Gold Star teens arrive on the 31st.  Sixteen teens will enjoy camaraderie and sailing aboard a number of volunteer member boats culminating in a day of swimming in the Cove, a ride on a USCG vessel and a cookout with the Mayor and the Flag on August 2nd.  Please stop down and say hi.

The weather cooperated for the annual Main Dock Party on July 3rd.  Quite a few of you joined the festivities.  The food was out of this world.  Thanks to all of you who were able to make it this year.  We are well into a new tradition!  Hope to see you there next year. 

Have a great summer!

Betsy Green


Newport Yacht Club 



Junior Sailing

Well . . .we are nearing the halfway mark for the 2022 Junior sailing program and the young sailors are having a ball.  They’re out on the water as well as doing some creative things back at the club.

Towards the end of the second week the camper sail on a “big boat”.  They have an opportunity to take what they have learned over the past 2 weeks and see how it all applies to much bigger boats.  The kids were in awe on the “big boat” sail, asking all kinds of questions on how, why things are done and the big question, “can we do this again tomorrow”. 

Thanks to the many club members who have and will volunteer to take the kids out on their boats.  Quite honestly, I think many of those who volunteer have as much fun being with the kids as the kids have being on the boats.  For those who have and will volunteer their time and boats, THANK YOU!


The Club and its members honored Independence Day with patriotic displays of our red, white and blue as well as the time-honored tradition of dressing ship.



Just a short note this month. Transient rentals are a little slow this Summer, which is not surprising with fuel costs being high.  This brings an opportunity because some of the previously reserved slips on weekends have been canceled.  If you are interested in a weekend transient slip, call the dock office and inquire as to the availability.  You might get lucky!

Steve Damas, Chair Float and Dock


The Newport Yacht Club Junior Sailing program builds skills and confidence and introduces youths to the fun of sailing. It’s also a way to give back to the youths of the City of Newport. However, the program cost money and to keep the program affordable, the fees charged do not fully cover the cost of the program.


So, how can you help you ask?  Very simple. . .

Simply decide on a name which could be your family, your pet, a favorite location. . . your choice and it will be placed on one of the boats in the Junior Sailing fleet.  The boat with your chosen name will be visible all summer long as the boats traverse Narragansett Bay.

So how do I do this?  Easy, decide on a name and contact one of the Junior Sailing Committee members:

Michael Barszcz                mbarszcz@aol.com                        609-553-7258

Al Sgambato                     sgamal01@aol.com                       401-230-8804

Aedan Gleeson                 aedan@gleesonpowers.com       508-294-5383

The cost is $500 and will go a long way to help support the program and keep the fleet safe and in tip top shape.   


At June’s Board of Directors Meeting, it was suggested that your Finance Committee provide a brief monthly report to the membership of the budget monitoring analysis we do each month for the various chairs. The monthly report provides guidance to the committees and administration, as to how they are doing compared to their original forecasted budget both for the specific month and year to date. Our first report is for the month of May which we reviewed at the June board meeting. You’ll recall we had a Covid impact of 9 days of the club being shutdown and the loss of 4 events which caused us to miss the projected budget by almost $9000 for the month. Fortunately, the previous months success of your chairs “belt tightening” has kept us ahead of budget for the year by approximately $19,000 so all things considered, we close to the projected operating income.

Have a great summer!

Steve Dolan, Chair Finance Committee finance@newportyachtclub.org


The following race is coming up this year:

  • New England Solo/Twin – 29 July

Offshore Committee,

Roy Guay Chair, Ted Singsen, Kristen Wenzel



It is a great time to enjoy our Club and our Club community. Come on down and enjoy the good times and all that our Club has to offer!