Friday, July 13, 2018
Sponsored by the Newport Yacht Club


The date for the start of the Offshore 160 is Friday, July 13th.   The biennial Offshore 160, held in the off-year from the Bermuda ONE-TWO, is a 160-mile qualifier for the ONE-TWO. It is a low-keyed, bare-bones event designed to potentially get new skippers' singlehanded qualifying passage out of the way in the off-year, and to provide past competitors with a long-distance racing "fix."


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Notice Of Race
NOR Ammendment 1
Equipment Safety List
Schedule of Events

Offshore 160 Sailing Instructions (to be provided at Skippers' Meeting) 
Class Scratch Sheet


 Results (after Breakaway Retired After Finishing)
 William J. Dubuc Trophy (First To Finish): Marcus Cochran on Granuelle
 Mark Roundings, another format of mark times

Pictures by  Bill Shea and Joe Cooper of the start from the Race Committee Boat.
Photos by Bill Shea, All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2018.
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October - Breakaway notified us that they were retiring after finishing (RAF).  Results recalculated.

7/15 1400 - 20 people participated in the awards for this year's race. Nice drawings of the Newport and St. George's waterfront were given as trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Muffin Dubuc handed out the William J. Dubuc Trophy to Marcus Cochran.  Ken Bordieri was recognized for his being very last! 23 boats were registered, 18 actually started, 2 dropped out within hours of the start and 16 finished in much better winds than expected; 10-15 kts and a reach for almost the whole race resulted in a very fast race. 14 skippers were new to this race although some have done the New England Solo/Twin or the Bermuda One-Two; really impressive.  Wonderful turn out for this year's race.

7/14 1915 - The last boat to finish, Adventure-us.  I guess he went on adventure.  Results and pictures are posted.

7/14 1447 - Gringo finished

7/14 1445 - More finishes
1405 - Dune  Buggy
1358 - Kristina
1357 - Corvus
1242 - Lark
1241 - Sea Gate
1238 - Caoroline

7/14 1211 - the following boats have finished.
1208 - Meridian
1203 - Kincora
1143 - Alchemy
1130 - Breakaway
1113 - Samba
1046 - First Light
1005 - Granuelle

7/13 1655 - Samba reported that Spadefoot is heading home to Watch Hill.

7/13 1515 - Tristan texted me that the winds are out of the SE at 13-15. Much more than predicted!

7/13 1412 - Karl Westman withdrew.

7/3 1300  - And they are off. 18 boats started. Unfortunately three had dropped out: Highlander could get his motor fixed in time, Bad Bunny due to the predicted light winds, and Rubicon who broke his autopilot before the start (promises he will do the Solo/Twin).  We had nice SE breeze 10-12 knots (totally not predicted).  Classes 1 and 2 have the long 142 nm course and Class 3 has the 114 nm course.



Past Year's Results

 2018, 2016, 20142012, 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, Pre 2004

William Dubuc Trophy - First To Finish

William Dubuc Trophy
Year Skipper Boat
2018 Marcus Cochran Granuelle
2016 Mike Piper Inigo Montoya
2014 Tristan Mouligne
2012 Gordon Fletcher Riptide
2010 Gordon Fletcher Riptide
2008 Gordon Fletcher Riptide
2006 Bjorn Johnson Valkrie
2004 John Ryan Swordflounder
2002 Victor Pinheiro Alegria
2000 Bjorn Johnson Shere Khan
1998 Bjorn Johnson Shere Khan