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logo          NYC Summer 2009 Tuesdays

Entry List – by SailId

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:13:18 AM EDT

Division: Ensign
(8 boats) (top)

Sail Boat/Skipper
62 When/ David Goss
92 Matson
1082 Challenger/ Charles Shoemaker
1091 Squall/ Mike Ryan
1184 Phoenix/ Nancy Graham
1216 Mighty Aphrodite/ Arthur Murphy
1431 Cydarydigo/ Bill Steel
1648 Triton/ Jerry Baum

Division: J22
(9 boats) (top)

Sail Boat/Skipper
1 Sail Newport/ Patrick Toohey
2 Sail Newport/ Paul Weber
5 Sail Newport/ Rufus Van Gruisen
6 Sail Newport/ Alan Renfrew
7 Sail Newport/ Johathan Thurston
8 Sail Newport/ Nick Crowley
11 Sail Newport/ Dan Cadman
582 Glissade/ Richard Fleig

Division: S-2
(7 boats) (top)

Sail Boat/Skipper
4 Silhouette/ James Phyfe
S 4 Hurricane/ Bill Beebe
5 Surprise/ Fred Roy
7 Firefly/ Alan Silken
S- 8 Osprey/ Michael McCaffrey
15 Shona/ Robert Hutchinson
30 Vindex/ Paul Del Nero

Information is provisional and subject to modification