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07/17 1400 – About 10 people participated in the awards/party.  Stories were told. Three of the skippers had bouts with lobster pots/lines.  Mike Piper ran into a lobster pot by R32 near Gay Head while under autopilot but got off it quickly, Jon Bixby ran into one also while under autopilot but after a 360 got off of it.  Murray Beach wasn’t as lucky.  A line got wrapped around both the rudder and prop.  He had to go into the water to cut the line!
I would like to thank the following people for support of this race:
– Race Committee: Ned Anderson, Caryn Cummings, Roger & Jane Fontaine, Ted Singsen, Roy Guay and Bill Shea (pictures)
– Duty Station: Ted Singsen, Hank Kniskern, Roy Guay
– Breakfast and Party Food: Caryn Cummings, Jody Sullivan

07/17 0907 – Highlander finished.  They are all in!

07/17 0750 – Highlander called that he is 6 nm from the finish and it is foggy!  Been so all morning! Highlander is the only boat left.

7/17 0700 – Trifion emailed me that he retired.  Only made it to the buoy sw of Montauk Point.  Dropped his cell phone overboard!

07/17 0653 – Wild Goose II finished.

7/17  0400 – Praire Gold emailed me that he retired. “Making 1 kt to R32 with 5nm to go I realized continuing was futile.  Unfortunately I got becalmed for 6 hours by the buoy sw of Montauk Point, then again this night the going was slow.”

07/17 0134 – Meridian finished.

07/17 0047 – Breakaway finished.

07/17 0028 – Inigo Montoya finished.

7/16 1640 – Meridian called that he had rounded R32 and that he had nice wind however a lot of the day was wicked light.

7/16 1454 – Mike Piper emailed: rounded R32 and caught  a lobster pot.  Blaimed it on the autopilot.

7/16 0744 – Meridian called: Rounded Mark 2 around 0200, moving nicely, approaching wind farm again.

7/16  0022 – Mike Piper emailed: He passed the yellow flasher (mark 2) at 022.  “Some sock troubles but sorted and cooking now.”

7/15 2130 – Mike Piper emailed: “I put in and shook out a reef earlier.  Just put another one in.  But as soon as I do the wind falls off!  Blowing 14, 14.5 miles from the next mark.”

7/15 1845 – Meridian called: Past wind farm, 12 kts, flat sea, 3′ roll.  Nice.

7/15 1750 – Mike Piper emailed me (InReach): just beyond the wind farm at Block Island.  Meridian behind him.

7/15 1300 – We started with only 7 boats.  Samba dropped out due to work issues and I never heard from Alliance.  There were two other circles in the area so after setting up we had to move however we got the race off on time.  We started both classes 1 and 2 at the same time at noon.  Pretty light conditions although the forcast was supposed to be 10-15 gusts to 20 through today then 5-10 for the rest of the weekend.  I gave them the long 160 nm course. David Paine on his boat Trifion had problems with his boat this morning however was able to start on time.  Mike Piper on his new boat Inigo Montoya also had some issues and started about 10 minutes late but looked good going over the line.

7/6  – Unfortunately we lost two skippers due to various reasons so we are at 7 skippers.