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Cliff Mitchell Family Trophy: Larvik, Kim Andersen and William Beebe
New England ShortHanded Ocean Racing Trophy: Breakaway, Paul Grimes


7/30 1900:

We capped off the 2016 New England Solo/Twin Saturday evening 5pm at the Newport Yacht Club.  About 45 people braved the Newport traffic and enjoyed themselves at the awards.  It is amazing how much we can gab after these races!  It was really wonderful to see everyone.

The results are posted above. The following is a summary.
33 boats registered, 27 boats started, 20 boats finished.

Class 1:
1st – Samba; Tristan Mouligne & Ted Winston (Tristan is a Bermuda One-Two veteran)
2nd – Breakaway; Paul Grimes & David Moffet
3rd – Shearwater; Joe Whelan & Chris Bjerregaard (first to physically finish in class)

Class 2:
1st – Dark Star; Mark Gervais & Carol Tobian
2nd – Choucas; Fred Cosandey & Ernest Berger (1st to physically finish in class and Bermuda One-Two veterans)
3rd – Loki; Craig Olsen & Brian Flynn (Both are veterans of the Bermuda One-Two on Brian’s boat)

Class 4:
1st – Larvik; Kim Andersen & William Beebe
2nd – Pau Hana; Dave Wilson & Mike Rocheleau
3rd – Highlander; Jonathan Bixby (Bermuda One-Two future skipper)

Class 5:
1st – Grimace; Benjamin Hodgson
2nd – In Concert; Michael Schum (veteran Bermuda One-Two Skipper in a new boat)

Class 6:Only one boat started but didn’t finish.

The Cliff Mitchell Family Trophy, awarded to the best Family boat (4 family boats finished), was awarded to Larvik – Kim Andersen and William Beebe.

The New England ShortHanded Ocean Racing Trophy: This trophy is awarded to the best performing boat in the Offshore 160 (single handed race) and double handed in the Solo/Twin.  2014 was the first year that it was awarded.  Samba, Tristan Mouligne, was the only boat that did both races however the fact that he won both classes he was in justified his winning the trophy.  This year we had four candidates: Breakaway (Paul Grimes), Highlander (Jonathan Bixby), Inigo Montoya (Mike Piper) and Meridian (Murray Beach).  Breakaway (Paul Grimes) was awarded the trophy having a 1st in his class of the Offshore 160 and a 2nd in his class of the New England Solo/Twin double handed.

Some of Bill Shea’s pictures from the Race Committee Boat were shown during the awards/party and can be viewed at the Newport Yacht Club Facebook page.

Thanks to all the skippers that participated and I’d like to thank those that helped run this race.
Breakfast food: Rosa Tysor
Awards/Party food: Rosa Tysor and Mal Kaull
Race Committee Boat: Ned Andersen, Roger & Jane Fontaine, Kristen Wenzel, Ted Singsen and Roy Guay
Duty Desk: Ted Singsen, Kristen Wenzel, Rosa Tysor (midnight to 7am shift) and Roy Guay

Hope to see you next year.

7/30 1300: Been busy so hadn’t updated the web.  Most boats finishing between 8-10 am.  Currently we have two boats out there: Meridian and In Concert.  Meridian is on the way to the finish from the NB Buoy and In Concert is on the way to Pt Judith then finish.

7/29 1955: Solarus retired.

7/29 1909: Water Music retired.

7/29 1815: Corvus reported rounding Mark 1.

7/29 1755: Santana rounded Mark 1 he hopes for the last time; wicked current.

7/29 1800: Meridian called that they rounded Mark 1 at 1755.  Wind is 6 kts adverse current of 2 kts making 1 kt towards the 2nd mark; yuk. In vicinity are: Santana, Solarus, In Concert, Corvus, Loki.

7/29 1548: Tristan rounded Mark 1.

7/29 1300: And they are off minus Swamp Fox, Flying Fish, Triad, Bazinga! and Epiphany.  Sommersko is sailing the course all by itself from Class 6; all the others didn’t race.  We had some beautiful starts with boats getting their spinnakers up before crossing the line.  Classes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are racing.  We started in rain and fortunately the threat of thunderstorms disappeared as well as early fog.  1400 in Newport the sun is shining.  Nice.
Breakfast was served for the skippers this morning, thanks to Rosa Tysor, followed by the Skippers’ Meeting at 0900. The awards will be at 5pm Saturday and all are welcome.