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The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy – Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Teri & Peter Binkley on Wild Eyes.
Mark Roundings 


7/24 – Registration night.  Unfortunately the weather was awful and for those coming from outside the bay, there were rollers outside.  So some people were unable to arrive and some people came early the next morning.
7/25 – 0800: Skippers treated to contenental style breakfast
7/25 – 0900: Skipper’s Meeting
7/25 – 1200: First class started under light NW winds.  Classes 1-3 started under spinnaker with adverse current.  Proved interesting near the Race Committee boat.  The wind died while Class 4 started so Classes 5 and 6 were delayed because we could see the southerly coming down the bay.  Classes 5 and 6 were only delayed 20 minutes. Black Magic started after Class 4 however he was in Class 2.  And Mike Schum’s Kontradiction started about 20 minutes after his Class 6 start due to spinnaker lines getting wrapped up with the genoa.  Classes 1 and 2 were given Course B (94.1 nm) and Classes 3-6 were given Course C (77.2 nm).
7/25 – 2345: Gryphon Solo finishes and everyone seems to have heard it on the course. It was like the shot heard around the world.
7/26 – Class 1 finishes relatively quickly however the rest of the fleet comes in slowly.  Three of the last boats to finish make it barely to the Awards; Kontradiction, Dragon and Seaquel.
7/26 – 1700: Awards/Party was held and well attended.  The Class 6 3rd place boat, Kontradiction, walked in towards the end of the Party after just finishing.
7/26 – 2100: Infinity, Marvin Clements and James McCarthy, finally finish in Class 3!  Looks like they break Peter McCrea’s record many years ago.

Thank You’s To:

Registration: Dave McLoughlin, Pat Clayton and Roy Guay.

Race Committee Boat: Dave Del Nero (driver, cannon and horn), John O’Toole (flags), Dan Force (flags), Mal Kaull (check in and start), Pat Clayton (start line), Roy Guay (timer and radio), Jake Force (question asker).

Phone & Radio: Roy Guay, Rosa Tysor, Dave Nassaney and Pat Clayton.

Friday Breakfast and Saturday Awards Food: Mal Kaull and Rose Tysor.