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4/10 – 23 people raced on this last day of Frostbite 2022.  Nice day, around 50 degrees, partially sunshine and wind out of the NW at 15 kts. Everyone took the masts down after racing.

4/3 – 25 people participated in very nice conditions.  SE at 10 Knots shifting to the south. Finished just before the rain started.

3/27 – 19 people with winds out of about the West 12-20 knots with very shifty conditions. 9 races were held.  Paul Fleming did the turtle thing.

3/20 – The wind started out real light out of the SW but kept building to the point that they held off a bit.  Then after they started up again the wind kept getting lighter and eventually switched to the North and died.  Quit before B fleet could get their race in.

3/6 – Racing canceled today due to fog and high wind gusts.

2/20 – Today the wind went from 0 to 26 out of the southwest when Rob Schult tipped the Turnabout over thus canceling the race.  Rob kept the boat from turtling by getting on the centerboard and righted it for the crash boat.  However they did get 3 races in.  Also, David Wilson was notified during racing that he is a new granddad! Daughter, Kate, gave birth to a boy over 8 lbs today. Congrats to both.

2/13 – Super Bowl Day!  Snowed all day but they got 7 races in with 23 people at times. Wind started out of the North light and went right to NE still light.  B fleet sailed one less than the A fleet.

2/6 – The boats needed to be cleaned out first of snow and ice from last weekend’s major storm.  Then the winds were frigid and fluky light so they only got 5 races in. Dave Wilson great pirouette with nice recovery. Wind out of the South about 5-10 but very shifty.

1/23 – Most of the day was fine with a Westerly breeze about 10 knots but then the South West came in!  3 classes but only the A fleet got in 3 races.

1/16 – Didn’t look good initially, 5 degrees and no wind. But the temp warmed up to mid 20s and the wind out of the East at 7-9 knots, 6 races were able to be held.

1/9 – Racing canceled due to rather strong winds.  Hitting 30 knots.

1/2 – Racing was delayed due to NO WIND.  However wind came in from the SW fairly light.  Were able to get 6 races in though.

1/1 (Saturday) – 25 people raced in spring conditions; 50 degrees wind out of the south at about 12 knots.  The fog came in giving a good excuse to quit maybe a little bit early but got 6 races  in.