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4/17 – Two corrections made.  First the date was incorrect at 4/17 (changed to 4/14) and also Chris Arbuthnot was mistakenly given Nick Pires’ scores (corrected). The final results only changed for Chris and Nick.

4/14 – Nice day, sunny (until the end), warm and light winds out of the south.  Last race!  End of 2019 season.

4/7 – Lots of races today, 12.  Nice warm, somewhat sunny, wind around 15 kts out of the SW.  Next week is last week for 2019.

3/31 – Racing canceled today.

3/24 – Racing canceled after two people went in the water.  Jamie Currier decided to leave his boat so the boat never trutled!  Strong South Westerly.

3/17 – Gorgeous day, sunny, nice breeze, 27 people and 10 races held.

3/10 – Racing cancelled, again. Ugly weather; windy and raining.

3/3 – No wind initially caused a delay in starting however once they started they got 8 races in.  Nice day, sunny, NW about 8-12 knots.

2/24 – Another one bites the dust!  Racing canceled today.  However several frostbitters donated blood.

2/17 – Nice day and only 21 people showed up.  Sunny, light and very shifty winds starting NE going NW.

2/10 – Nice day, 13 races!  Sunny, temp in the 30s. Wind under 10 W initially, ending up around 12 kts WNW.

2/3 – We were going nicely when Tyler Miller went for a swim. Three classes, total of 8 races.  Mild day with light winds.

1/20 – Racing canceled for the day.  Raining and surprisingly no wind since the prediction is for lots of wind.

1/13 – Sunny, light wind but cold!!!  Lots of people showed up so 3 classes were used.

1/6 – Well, they gave it a try.  After the second person went in, Dennis, in the 4th race, racing was canceled. Sunny but NW typically gusty into the 20s.

1/1 – We’ve heard this song before.  Racing canceled for the day due to amazingly stron winds however the temperature is in the mid 50s!  See you Sunday.