November 2018 Burgee

Volunteerism: it is essential to the existence of the Newport Yacht Club and fortunately is in fair supply. There are a few noteworthy examples I’d like to highlight here for your consideration.

October 2018 Burgee

Greetings shipmates…. I look forward to my tenure as Commodore of the Newport Yacht Club. I appreciate all of the support I have received and will do my best to make you proud.

September 2018 Burgee

This September submittal is my final article for the Newport Yacht Club (NYC) Burgee as Commodore.

August 2018 Burgee

The Newport Yacht Club hosted Mayor Winthrop and the Newport City Council to celebrate the arrival of two sailors, Elena Oddone and Francesca Riano from one of our sister cities, Imperia, Italy who will be sailing in the 420 World Championships at Sail Newport.

July 2018 Burgee

It’s been a long wait, but summer has finally arrived!! Actually, we had a couple of very hot days we could have done without, but the weather, as I sit here writing this article, is perfect.

June 2018 Burgee

June is a busy time at the Newport Yacht Club. Club racing, organized by Regatta Chair, Nancy Parillo, is off to a strong start of friendly competition around the buoys.

May 2018 Burgee

Dock Day, held on April 14th, was greeted by excellent weather for the Newport Yacht Club (NYC) members who supported this biannual event.

April 2018 Burgee

We just got back to Newport from the very beautiful and warm Cayman Islands.

March 2018 Burgee

February rolled out like a lamb, March is rolling in like a Lion, which means, spring is just around the corner. It’s almost time to take the cover off of my boat.

February 2018 Burgee

Let me begin by saying that I hope the February weather will provide the conditions that ensure a successful frostbite season along with great fun on Sundays, as the weather has given this group a bit of a rough start with the frigid temperatures in January.