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January 2021



January 1 — Registration for the Bermuda One-Two opens online


Please consult Club calendar


Happy New Year and welcome 2021!

Please know that Newport Yacht Club is open and optimistically planning for our traditional events such as Commissioning Day and the Gold Star Kids visit, among many others. The Ostar Two Star is due to set sail from Plymouth England, to Newport, after being postponed from last year.  We will need to keep plans fluid and flexible as we near those dates.  I fervently hope, as I am sure all of you do, that we will begin to see a downward trend in pandemic numbers that will enable us to make these happen.

I am sorry that I cannot report on our final budget performance for 2020 but the numbers should be out in a couple of weeks.  Indicators are pointing toward both being in the black, and having the funds to put aside for the early loan payoff on the main pier.  

One very special event on the horizon, spearheaded by Brad Read of Sail Newport, is a Boat Parade to commemorate those we have lost.  The date is June 12th.  Stakeholders from around the harbor have responded in support, including Newport Yacht Club.  Participation would include Dressing Ship, as we do on Commissioning Day, or entering the parade itself.  NYC will have her cannon at the ready.  We will notify you as the date draws closer and the details are firmed up. Suggestions from our members on additional ways we can be involved are always welcome. Perhaps blue or white blazer attire for spectator members on our docks?

Thank you all for your continued support of our Club.  Stop down to see the Frostbite Races and stunning winter sunsets!

Betsy Green


Newport Yacht Club


Mrs. Sara DeChambeau, who joined the Club in the 1970s and who spent the better part of a decade at sea, passed away on November 30th, 2020. Her spirited obituary says “Don’t cry for Sara. She has no regrets. When summer comes, pour yourself a gin and tonic and as the sun sets, toast her and the wonderful life she lived. Then look up and smile and she will smile right back.” 


The House Committee has been working with Rudy, Lynn and Melissa to keep the Club open, safe, and delicious. Thank you, all, especially, Charlene on the “delicious part!” Post Covid-19-and there WILL be a Post-Covid 19-the House Committee is planning ways to get the clubhouse up to the current building codes. After that, we hope to address the following:

  1. Children in the Club
  2. Expansion of decks and lounge
  3. Interior air quality (completed)
  4. Maximizing parking efficiency
  5.  Anything that comes up during a meeting, or suggestions by the membership. Please feel free to contact one of us.

Your continued patience and compliance as we get through Covid is very much appreciated.

Stay well!

Peter Jencks, Chair House Committee


The slip assignment meeting for new assignments starting in 2021 has been completed.  Ten slips were assigned for a record, in my experience.

The waiting list has been filled with people that had recently expressed interest in being added to the waiting list.  There were fifty-eight requests to be added to the waiting list, another record.

A suggestion to help people on the waiting list actually get a slip:  The waiting list now has five people that are “displaced for an E slip”.  What does this mean?  It means that the boats they own will only fit in an E slip for one of two reasons; it is too long for a shorter slip or it is too wide for a smaller slip.  More of the “displaced” boats are due to width issues than in the past.

I mention this so that you are aware of this issue if you are shopping for a new boat and wish to get a slip at the Club in the future.  If you can only fit in 8 of the fifty-eight slips we have, your chances of getting an assignment are greatly reduced.

Dates of Interest

March, Second Thursday:  Limited transient slips opens.

March, Third Week:  Electric hoist in service.

April 1st:       Final payment for all slips, dinghy and kayak/PB rack and small boat corral due. Advanced member transient slip reservations period begins.

April 10th:  Dock Day, marina prepared for Summer season.

April 30th:      Winter slips terminate. All dinghies and paddle boards not staying in leased rack spaces must be removed.

May 1st:        Summer slips open. Limited launch service begins.

May 15th:  Regular launch service begins.

Friday before Memorial Day:  Transient rate increase to summer rates.

June 30th: Dead line for 50% refund of slip fee and slip termination.

September 20th:  Transient rates decrease from summer rates.

October 12:  Launch service reduced.

October 31st:  End of Summer slip season, launch service terminates.

Steve Damas Chair Float and Dock Committee, Bob Morin, Roger Hemond, Frank Pearson III, David Stewart, Peter Herne, Andy Vouras


Hi everybody!!  I’m hoping that everybody got through the holidays safe and healthy and looking forward to  2021!!!  Personally, it can’t get here fast enough!!!

I’d like to take a minute to close out some thoughts on the season that was 2020.  I just want to thank all of the sailors who came out racing in spite of the pandemic.  It was wonderful to be out there on beautiful Narragansett Bay in the fresh air and be able to put the stresses of COVID on the shelf – even if it was only for a few hours.  I also want to thank the Regatta Committee – Alan Renfrew, Allan McCoy, Lee Parks, and Tom Pederson – for helping to actually get the season off and running.  Thank you to Dani and the waterfront staff for keeping Volunteer ready and in working order!  And lastly, but definitely not least, a big thank you to the Race Committee volunteers that braved social distancing and wearing masks to make sure we could actually run races!!   I realize it was challenging year but we pulled it off and I thank all of you that contributed to the cause in any small way – It wouldn’t have happened without you!!

And Sailors – the prizes for last summer’s series will be in the mail to you in the next week.  I can’t promise when the post office will actually deliver them – but they are on their way!!

Now on to 2021!  Our intention is to start the Summer Series racing in May/June – virus or Governor permitting!!  I think that – given what we went through last year – we can start the season normally while adhering to any virus-related restrictions and rules that are in place at the time.  So Race Committee volunteers – start thinking about your availability!!  And sailors – start assembling your crews – we are on for a great season!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and I hope to see you all come spring!!


Nancy Parrillo, Chair Regatta Committee


While the weather may still be cold, Junior Sailing is gearing up for what the warmer weather will bring…. the 2021 Marine Adventure Camp (MAC)!  Last year 90 young sailors were able to get out on the water despite of all the COVID-19 challenges.  Many changes were made to ensure the health and safety of the young sailors and the staff and fortunately NO sailors or staff tested positive.  There is always a silver lining and things were learned and implemented last year that resulted in both operational and educational improvement to the program with a lot of positive feedback from campers and parents.  Finally, the strong support from the NYC was much appreciated.

Looking towards the 2021 season, State COVID guidelines for youth camps will continue to be monitored and if need be, the program will be modified to ensure compliance with State, City and Club guidelines.  If conditions warrant, the hope is to increase the number of sailors this year to 120. Help is always appreciated so feel free to contact any of the committee members to learn more about opportunities to help. 

Committee Members:

Michael Barszcz – Chair

Kate Wilson-Sommers

Jon Bixby


As of 1 January 2021, online registration for the 2021 Bermuda One-Two is operational.  There seems to be a significant number of skippers planning on doing the race.  The Notice of Race was posted in November 2020. We had a Zoom meeting in November to discuss several issues with respect to the Bermuda One-Two Race.

Roy Guay Chair Offshore Committee, Ted Singsen, Kristen Wenzel, Betsy McClintock, Pat Clayton, George Crocker, Brian Clayton, Caryn Cummings