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July 2020



14 – 15 Tuesday/Wednesday Racing starts

24 – New England Solo/Twin Races


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Greeting fellow shipmates,

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still impacting each of our lives and the Newport Yacht Club in disagreeable but predictable ways.  Given the continued spread of the virus in other states, it is imperative that we follow all of the guidance from our State Health officials.  The COVID-19 Control Plan subcommittee is doing a good job of researching and digesting all of the official guidance which changes daily and condensing the salient points that affect each of us into the weekly updates to our COVID-19 Control Plan.  This Plan is distributed to all members and is posted on the Club bulletin board.  Please make sure you read this plan’s weekly updates to stay aware of changing requirements which are in place to keep us all safe.

We had our second surprise audit by the RI Department of Health on Friday 3 July at 2015 hrs.  The inspector toured the Club, looked at our sign in logs, our lounge setup and table spacing, the cleaning logs for our restrooms, our COVID-19 Control Plan, facemask and physical distancing compliance and availability of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.  I am pleased to report that again we passed this audit without incident.  The unannounced nature of these audits should serve as a reminder to all of us of the continued need to wear face coverings while in the Club or in situations where six feet physical distancing is not possible.  We cannot afford to have any violations as that could negatively impact Club operations.  For the audit, all members and staff in the lounge were indeed in compliance.

Lastly, I want to assure you that the Club leadership and staff remain fully committed to maintaining a safe environment in the Club so that all of us stay safe. 

This however, is only part of the solution.  The only way we all stay safe is for everyone to utilize face coverings when standing or walking inside the Clubhouse and at every instance where six feet physical distancing is not possible and maintaining good hand hygiene.  I see this as a way for each of us to live one of our Club’s stated values:  RespectWearing a face covering is a sign of respect you show so that others can see that you care about their safety enough to tolerate the minor inconvenience or discomfort of wearing a mask.  Likewise, you should expect the same when you are in close contact with others. 

I leave you with one final thought about face coverings that I read in a statement from a nurse:  “If you don’t like wearing a mask, you definitely will not like a ventilator!”  Please stay safe and do your part to keep yourself safe and others safe as well.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas,

Tom Rowe, Commodore

Newport Yacht Club


Everyone seems to have a favorite Newport restaurant. Favorite views. Favorite menus. Favorite Drinks.   If you haven’t yet, come on down and check out “the Grill at Long Wharf” right here at our own Newport Yacht Club. You’ll have the best water views in town at our new café tables and deck seating, specialty drinks, and cooked-to-order ahi tuna, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and peppers and our classic chowder! It is the hottest spot in town, and could become your favorite, too. Open TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY weather permitting at 1700 hours.


There may not have been fireworks this year, but NYC staff and mariners really lit our place up with festive décor and patriotic holiday spirit. The Club was festooned with the grand old red, white and blue and many ships were “dressed” for the occasion. We are proud of the spirit of strength and positivity brought to life by our members and staff! Come on down and keep the spirit soaring.


The Junior Activities Marine Adventure Camp launched its 2020 season on June 29 with 24 young sailors.  The program was scaled back, and new procedures have been implemented to comply with local, state and federal COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines.  The same 12 youths and two instructors will stay together for the two-week program in what is called “stable” groups and staggered starts and staggered drop-offs/pickups have been implemented to minimize contact between the two “stable” groups. In addition, daily health screenings of staff and campers, frequent hand washing/sanitizing and frequent cleaning of facilities and boats have also been implemented.

 With everything going on this year it is more important than ever that our youths have a chance to get back to some sense of normalcy and we are proud to say the NYC Marine Adventure Camp provides that opportunity.  There was a lot of pent up demand for the program.  Once it was communicated that NYC would hold the camp this year, 90% of the spots were filled by the next day.  All four sessions are currently full, with a wait list for each session.  Its important that we give back to our community and we’ll be sure to let the City of Newport know that the NYC is doing its part, with 26 of 96 registered campers Newport residents.

Michael Barszcz

Chair Junior Activities


First off, I want to thank those Summer slip holders that have used their moorings more than usual, so far this season, so that we have more space available for transients.  As I mentioned previously, this is a way that we can help reduce the financial loss to the Club due to the reduced House hours caused by the COVID-19 Rhode Island mandated restrictions. 

As has been mentioned in the recent past, the dinghy float is reaching the end of its life.  F&D is working on a couple of proposals to replace the float or repurpose the space.  These proposals will be presented to all of you for input, via email, and then the Board of Directors for decision and final decision.  We plan to have the proposals ready before the 2021 budgeting process begins in the Fall and would plan to do the construction during the 2021-2022 Winter season. Enjoy the Summer now that is finally here.

Steve Damas Chair Float and Dock, Bob Morin, Roger Hemond, Frank Pearson III, David Stewart, Peter Herne, Andy Vouras


Review of the first trimester financials (January thru April) indicates that the changes made in Club operations in response to CV-19 has resulted in the Club staying on budget.

As the Club begins to open up, and we bring back employees, the hope is that members will begin to use the Club in increasing numbers to support the increase in monthly costs.

At this point it is too early to say what the impact will be on Club performance vs budget during the next few months, but we remain optimistic.

Larry Girouard

Chair Finance Committee


Good NEWS!  Our marina operation is back to normal…or what passes for normal. Our Summer staff is on duty, our launch is back to normal operating hours carrying full loads and we are open for all transients, except for those that pass through locations that are still in quarantine. The only restrictions still in effect are the use of face masks on the launch and the docks when six-foot spacing cannot be maintained.  So, no hugs yet.

Steve Damas Chair; Bob Morin, Roger Hemond, David Stewart, Frank Pearson III, Peter Herne, Andy Vouras

Thank you for reading. Our best wishes to all for a safe and healthy on-water season!

Gustave White Realty

If you have something you’d like to share with the Club membership in the Burgee, please send your submission to: communications@newportyachtclub.org for review and consideration.   

Gustave White Realty


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