Winter Storage List


The request list will remain open until September 30th.  The Float and Dock Committee will assign slips on October 1st .  Priority will be given to returning members from last Winter.  During the month of September, requests will only be accepted from members of the Newport Yacht Club.  After October 1st, any slips that are still available will be made available on a first come, first served basis with priority given to returning yachts from last Winter.
Please, include with your request the LOA of your boat and if you have any preference as to where you are assigned.  Efforts will be made to honor all request, as always.
The Winter slip season runs from November 1st to April 30st and the fee is $19.00/foot LOA as it was last year.  Early arrivals are normally accommodated after Columbus Day weekend.  Slip holders will get their first 50KWHs of electricity included in their slip fee and will be charged the Club’s rate above that.  The amount of included electricity is being reduce from last year’s rate of 150KWHs because of the increase in in electrical delivery charges and electricity charges that are being charged due to the wind farm off Block Island.  50KWH/month is enough to run a 4 output battery charger that is conditioning 4 C size batteries and a bilge pump running 24 hours a day for 30 days.  So, of you that use little or no electricity will not be affected.  But the boats that are running heat or air conditioning will start paying a little sooner in the month.