International racing includes the OSTAR, TWOSTAR and JESTER CHALLENGE.  These races are short handed races with the OSTAR and JESTER CHALLENGE races being single handed and the TWOSTAR a double handed race.  These races start in the United Kingdom and finish in Newport, RI.

April 2015

The Royal Western Yacht Club has elected Charlie Thomson as Commodore replacing John Lewis.

The next Ostar/TwoStar Transatlantic Race will be held in May 2017.  The RWYC will be running both a single and a double handed class.  The next Ostar will be in 2020 to coincide with the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower landing.  As the start is in Plymouth, Devon there is interest t involving Plymouth, MA in the race.  By switching to even years will give some relief to berthing both Bermuda One-Two and Ostar boats together in our marina here in Newport, RI.

The finish port for the TRANSAT 2016 is still a bit of a mystery; Newport, Boston and New York are in the running.  Brad Read and Sail Newport have pitched Newport, RI as a finish port.