2012 OFFSHORE 160


Friday, July 13, 2012
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee

Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. and Newport Yacht Club

The date for the start of the Offshore 160 is Friday, July 13th.   The biennial Offshore 160, held in the off-year from the Bermuda ONE-TWO, is a 160-mile qualifier for the ONE-TWO. It is a low-keyed, bare-bones event designed to potentially get new skippers' singlehanded qualifying passage out of the way in the off-year, and to provide past competitors with a long-distance racing "fix."



Offshore 160 Application Form
Offshore 160 Notice Of Race
Offshore 160 Equipment Safety List
Offshore 160 Schedule of Events

Offshore 160 Sailing Instructions
Class Scratch Sheet


William J. Dubuc Trophy (First To Finish): Gordon Fletcher
Mark Roundings



7:15 1600: Gordon Fletcher finishes first, Paul Grimes wins class 1 on corrected time and David Felsenthal wins class 2 on corrected time.  Awards were held at the Newport Yacht Club.  Five of the 6 finishers made the awards; Serif was pulling into the mooring when we were finishing up and didn't get in until all the other participants had left.  Plenty of food was provided by Caryn Cummings with help from Rosa Tysor and Pat Clayton.

7/15 1430: We heard from Serif.  He finished at 1402.  Both Serif and Trifion seem to have VHF problems.

7/15 1030: Trifion finished at 0918 this morning.

7/15 0600: Atlantea finished at 0100. We haven't heard from Serif and Trifion at this point.

7/14 2200: The following boats have finished in this order so far: Riptide, Breakaway and Oronoco.  Carina called to say he has retired.

7/14 1000: Maravilha called in to say they were retiring also after rounding the first mark.  We have heard from Atlantea, Breakaway, Oronoco and Riptide; all continuing on.

7/13 2130: Received call from Mark Winslow (Red Sky) who decided to retire.  He passed the first mark at 2000 and hasn't moved since then.  The wind has died down quite a bit.  So much for the wind predictions.  The lead 4 boats have rounded the first mark past Block Island between about 1700 and 1900.

7/13 1300: And they are off!  They had a decent southerly for the exit out of the bay.  We started both classes at the same time to give them more time that they are around each other.  We gave them Course RA which sends them around the course counterclockwise. There maybe a period during the early hours tomorrow morning however they should have decent (not a lot of wind) most of the time.  Red Sky was able to fix her electrics and started with the fleet fortunately.  Expect first boats to finish Saturday afternoon.