2006 OFFSHORE 160


 Friday, July 14, 2006
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee

Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. and Newport Yacht Club


The date for the start of the 2006 Offshore 160 is Friday, July 14th.   The biennial Offshore 160, held in the off-year from the Bermuda ONE-TWO, is a 160+-mile qualifier for the ONE-TWO. It is a low-keyed, bare-bones event designed to potentially get new skippers' singlehanded qualifying passage out of the way in the off-year, and to provide past competitors with a long-distance racing "fix."


2006 Offshore 160  Application
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0900 Monday: I took an inflatable dinghy to Chris Adams' mooring to see if he had arrived yet and saw him ghosting into his mooring on Fun. Talk about timing. He finished at 0630 this morning but since he had lost charge on both batteries, he was not able to start his engine and sailed slowly back to Newport Harbor. He first noticed that the batteries were not charged near Montauck and DR'd to get to the finish. Since Chris is the only one to finish in Class 2, he gets first place. Something to be said for determination.
1700 Sunday: Mike O'Conner, Coconut Telegraph, arrived at the Newport Yacht Club. Mike's finish time got him the 2nd place trophy in Class 1 and is the 2nd person to finish this year's race. Still no word from Chris Adams on Fun. Mike says that he saw Fun after he had traveled 10 nm from Mark 4 so Chris was about 20 nm behind Mike at that time.
1400 Sunday: Offshore 160 Awards held. Bjorn Johnson, Valkyrie, was awarded first place in Class 1. Since Bjorn was the first one to finish, he also was awarded the Dubuc First To Finish Award. Thanks to Muffin Dubuc, we had food during the "awards" party.
0730 Sunday morning: As of this time 5 boats have withdrawn; really light to non existant wind for 24 hours. Valkyrie finished at 9:10pm last night, Coconut Telegraph and Fun we haven't heard from and the following have withdrawn: Air Born, Indigo, Lolligag II, Morning Light and Palangi.
1200 Friday: We had a successfull start of this year's Offshore 160. Eight boats showed up at the starting area. Unfortunately one boat, Morning Light, started on the wrong side of the Race Committee and thus didn't start. We tried to hail him 5 times with no luck. 5 boats in class 1 and 3 boats in class 2.