2013 New England SOLO/TWIN Championships 

Friday, July 27, 2012
Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. & Newport Yacht Club
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee


Singlehanded and Doublehanded classes will start on Friday, July 27.   The courses consist of ocean triangles of from 65-125 miles in length, which begin and end in Narragansett Bay, and which vary for the Monohulls, Multihulls and Cruising Canvas divisions.   The SOLO-TWIN is raced annually.
Registration Thursday 1600-2000
Skipper's Meeting Friday 0900
First Start Friday 1200
Awards Saturday 1700



Solo/Twin NOR/Application/Schedule/Safety Check List
Solo/Twin NOR Amendment

Solo/Twin Sailing Instructions (available at Skipper's Meeting and afterwards)

Solo/Twin Entrants
S0l0/Twin Class Scratch Sheet


2012 Results:

Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Rounding Times Results


7/28 2000: The awards were held at 1700 at the Newport Yacht Club.  Quite a crowd showed up for the awards and food afterwards.  See results above as well as the mark rounding times for the boats.  Commodore Jack Ellis welcomed the group. I'd like to thank the following people that supported the race:
Race Committee: Peter Jenck's drove his restored lobster boat Bertha for the Race Committee boat and worked the flags, Tink Tysor did flags, George Crocker checked in the boats and started, Jeff Spranger manned the horn, Mal Kaull and Ray Cormier took care of the picture taking, Ted Singsen called the line and I did the timing and radio communication.
Duty Desk: Ted Singsen manned the radio on his boat Sea Eagle in his slip till 2am Saturday, Alyce and Bill Croasdale, Dave Nassaney and Pat Clayton manned the phone and radio throughout the night.  I got sleep this time thanks to these folks.
Food: Mal Kaull put all the food together with help from Rosa Tysor, Jennifer Tysor, Tink Tysor, Ralph and Peggy Kaull and their Great granddaughter Chloe Tysor.

7/28 1200: The last boat to finish is Serif at 1100.  All but one boat finished and that boat was due to equipment failure.  Winds were more than we expected through most of the race however the last leg was very slow for most boats.  Awards at 1700.

7/27 1500: The predictions were dire about no wind however all the boats started quite well and were reporting in by 1315.  The winds are supposed to be real light but right now the winds are pretty good.  We gave them short courses anticipating the light winds so they may come in real early if the winds hold (the winds are predicted to disappear over night).  It took us quite a while to get off the anchor; the chain evidently got hung up on something.  The club's race committee boat is not working so Peter Jencks volunteered his restored lobster boat Bertha which worked out real well.  I make a motion to use his boat from now on!