2011 New England SOLO/TWIN Championships 

Friday, July 29, 2011
Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. & Newport Yacht Club
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee


Singlehanded and Doublehanded classes will start on Friday, July 29.   The courses consist of ocean triangles of from 65-125 miles in length, which begin and end in Narragansett Bay, and which vary for the Monohulls, Multihulls and Cruising Canvas divisions.   The SOLO-TWIN is raced annually.
Registration Thursday 1600-2000
Skipper's Meeting Friday 0900
First Start Friday 1200
Awards Saturday 1700


Solo/Twin  NOR/Application/Schedule/Safety Check List

Solo/Twin Sailing Instructions (available at Skipper's Meeting and afterwards)

Solo/Twin Entrants
Solo/Twin Class Scratch Sheet


2011 Results:

The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy - Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Bob & Todd Johnston on Morning Dance.
Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Rounding Times Results



8/1 - Oops, I just posted the results.  I had downloaded the results but forgot ot link them.

7/30 1800 - The awards are over, people fed themselves and there was lots of gab about the race.  Another season is over.

7/30 0200 - The first boat to finish was a tri, Skateaway by Keith and Alice Burrage Friday night at 2330.  The first monohull to finish was Cutlass: 11th Hour Racing by Nick Halmos and Hugh Piggin on Saturday at 0033.  The fog came in around 0100 and the wind picked up to about 15-20kts.  Since then the fog has disappeared and the winds shifted out of the West about 10kts.

7 /29 - The weather was cloudy but a decent wind around 10-15kts starting out from the South then going to Southwest by the time the last class started.  The start sequence went off without problems.  38 out of 39 boats started; Windsong in Class 6 did not start.