2006 New England SOLO/TWIN Championships 

Friday, July 28, 2006
Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. & Newport Yacht Club
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee


Singlehanded and Doublehanded classes will start on Friday, July 28.   The courses consist of ocean triangles of from 65-125 miles in length, which begin and end in Narragansett Bay, and which vary for the Monohulls, Multihulls and Cruising Canvas divisions.   The SOLO-TWIN is raced annually.
Registration Thursday 1600-2000
Skipper's Meeting Friday 0900
First Start Friday 1200
Awards Saturday 1700


Solo/Twin  Application
Solo/Twin Notice of Race
Solo/Twin Safety Checklist
Solo/Twin Schedule of Events

Solo/Twin Entrants

2006 Results:

The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy - Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Bob & Todd Johnston on Morning Dance.
Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Roundings 



Friday 1300: The boats are off in 15-20 knot breeze; 39 boats started of which there were 3 multi-hulls. They are doing the reverse 2 and 3 courses this year and it looks like they are flying. Gryphon Solo called in that he had rounded the first mark at 1300.

1830: A storm went through here with rain, thunder and lightning but for a short while. Cutty Hunk had just a sprinkle of rain, Block Island had about what we had in Newport so hopefully the fleet isn't seeing any really bad weather. Larry Pierce said that the winds out on Block Island sound were 20-25 kts.

2200: The following boats have withdrawn by this time: Bob's Yer Uncle, Casa Mia,Obvious Child, Osprey and Weeble. Triad is expected to finish around 2215; amazing!