2005 New England SOLO/TWIN Championships 

Friday, July 29, 2005
Co-sponsored by Goat Island Yacht Club Ltd. & Newport Yacht Club
Sponsored by the Rhode Island State Yachting Committee


Singlehanded and Doublehanded classes will start on Friday, July 29.   The courses consist of ocean triangles of from 65-125 miles in length, which begin and end in Narragansett Bay, and which vary for the Monohulls, Multihulls and Cruising Canvas divisions.   The SOLO-TWIN is raced annually.
Registration Thursday 1600-2000
Skipper's Meeting Friday 0900
First Start Friday 1200
Awards Saturday 1700


Solo/Twin  Application
Solo/Twin Notice of Race
Solo/Twin Safety Checklist
Solo/Twin Schedule of Events

Solo/Twin Entrants

2005 Results:

The Clifford O. Mitchell Trophy - Monohull Twin Best Corrected Time Family Crew:  Bob & Todd Johnston on Morning Dance.
Solo/Twin Results
Solo/Twin Mark Roundings 


The race started at noon on 29 July and went off pretty good. Class 1 was the only class that was close to the line for the start and they were close with Katie G and French Magic being the closest at the gun. The multi-hull fleet was no where near the line at the gun but they gave the Race Committee boat one hell of a scare when Shadow Fox decided to try to barge at the committee boat. Shadow Fox came real close to putting their windward hull into the back of the Race Committee boat. Judy Cox, wife of Tom Cox on Triad, took many pictures from the Race Committee boat and I hope to put some of them up. The Award's Party was held Saturday 30 July at the Newport Yacht Club. 43 boats participated in this year's race, 32 finished (a number of boats didn't finish due to the lack of wind starting around 3 am. Actually we had more wind than predicted and from the SW vice all over the place until about 3 am. So the fast boats were able to finish either before the wind died or just as they were finishing. Rick McCally on Windswept stuck it out and showed up at the Newport Yacht Club during the Awards Party. Rick was greeted to the group going out on the porch and welcoming him as he motored by. Rick promply bowed to the crowd.