2018 Frostbite Racing


Sailing Instructions
Waiver form required for entrants under 18.  Download, fill out and submit to Frostbite chairman.


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1 Jan 7 Jan 14 Jan 21 Jan 28 Jan
4 Feb 11 Feb 18 Feb 25 Feb    
4 Mar 11 Mar 18 Mar 25 Mar


8 Apr  15 Apr


4/15 -  Last day for frostbite however no racing due to the NE blow.  Derigged the boats and put the masts and booms.  Final results are posted.

4/8 - So many people showed up for a fairly nice day that 3 classes (A, B, C) were run with 11 in each class.  3 races were run in each with B fleet starting first and A fleet finishing.  Winds started out of the N at 15 and lightened as the afternoon went by.

3/25 - Another one bites the dust!  NE breeze with wicked gusts in the harbor.  Canceled.

3/18 - A little breezy today.  NW winds puffy 15 to 22kts.  Sunny, fairly nice day then Brenda decided to terminate racing by swamping her boat!

3/11 - Nice light wind day with sunshine and temp in the 40s.  The wind started out of the NW at 8 kts then shifted to the SW at 8 kts.  6 races were held.

3/4 - After two days of insane winds we were able to get 10 races in with decreasing wind as the day went on.  Ended up being a nice day.  17 people participated.

2/25 - Ugly day but they eventually went out and got two races in.  On the third race Bob Mortin caught his boom on Paul Flemings boat and Paul turtled. Rain and wind around 10-15 gusty out of the NE. 19 people raced.

2/11 - This sounds familiar.  Canceled.  Fog, no wind!

2/4 - A couple of races in each fleet before Super Bowl fewer took hold.  Damp, 10-18 knots out of the SE.

1/28 - Guess what?  No racing again due to lack of wind and none predicted.

1/21 - 35 people showed up so three fleets were used however the wind was extremely light and racing was canceled after one race in each class.

1/14 - We actually raced today!  Temp in the middle 20s with NE breeze about 10-15.  One of the newbees turtled!  First one in for the year.  6 races were run.

1/7 - Are we off to a treat start!  Morning temperatures in the -2 degrees area claimed another day.  NO RACING again.  Maybe next Sunday.

1/1 - We are off to a flying start.  NO RACING.  Really really cold.  Single digits this morning!  Well maybe next Sunday however long range forecast doesn't look any better.