2017 Frostbite Racing



Sailing Instructions
Waiver form required for entrants under 18.  Download, fill out and submit to Frostbite chairman.


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4/9 - Nice day for our last day of the season.  Sunny, 15-20 kts out of the SW.

4/2 - Great day, sun shining decent temp and nice winds.  Wind shifted half way through the day from the NE to the SW.  8 races held.

3/26 - Finally we raced!  Nice conditions even though no sun.  Out of the East about 10 kts. 10 races were run.

3/19 - And another one bites the dust.  Way too much wind!

3/12 - Racing canceled again due to excessive cold and wind and boats frozen in.

3/5 - Racing canceled again due to excessive winds. But it was cold on top of that.

2/26 - Racing canceled due to excessive winds. Nice day otherwise.

2/19 - What a beautiful day; sun shinning, temp in the 50s nice wind out of the SW.

2/12 - 17 people braved the rain/snow/cold conditions and got 4 races in.  Wanted to do 6 races but the cold won out.

2/5 - Racing canceled due to predicted high winds.

1/29 - Frostbite was canceled with winds over 20 kts up to 28.

1/22 - B fleet made up for not being able to have the same number of A fleet races last week by starting first this week.  Nice day, in the 40s, sun in and out, wind 5-12 NE.

1/15 - Good crowd, nice weather but the wind dying at the end.  B fleet didn't get to be the last race. Sunny, temps in the upper 30s and wind 5-12 NNW.

1/8 - Twenty brave ones went out today in low 20 degree weather with the wind out of the NNW 12-15 kts.  Broke one forestay and FJ turtled while tacking (slipped and lost his footing, gurgle, gurgle).

1/1 - Wonderful day for the first day of the season.  Blowing initially up to 20 kts but dying down to 10-15 WSW.  Bunch of new people showed up and a couple that haven't raced in a while.  Welcome.