2016 Frostbite Racing



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4/17 - Last day of racing.  Shifty winds starting out of the NW going SE then SSW about 8 to 15 knots.  Rick Nebiolo won the season in a close competition with Adam Cove who was second.

4/10 - We delayed due to no wind but when the wind picked up it kept picking up and ended up 20 - 30 kts.  Only got 3 races in.

4/3 - Frostbite canceled today due to excessive winds.

3/20 - Nice day given the prediction for tonight (snow).  Cloudy and cool with the winds initially from the NE 10-15 kts, very puffy, then switching to the SE at around 12 kts.  We must remember that Brenda Mitchell went into the water today and turtled!

3/13 - Nice day, winds started out N at 10 kts then shifted to the SE then S at 12 kts.  Rick Nebiolo, Adam Cove and Eric Irwin had good days.

3/6 - We raced!  Winds started out of the North West, shifted to the North East very light and after about 6 races shifted to the South West around 12 kts.

2/28 - Another one bites the dust!  They tried to go out but the winds picked up over 20 knots and those that were out sailing around got swamped and came back with lots of water in the boats.  Canceled again!

2/21 - Fairly nice day.  9 races were run; 5 B and 4 A.  Temp in the 50s initially with sun out and winds out of the West.  As the afternoon progressed the clouds came in and the wind shifted to the NW and got real light at the end; the 5th A race was canceled.

2/14 - Due to amazing low temperatures, single digits in the morning and maybe 11 in the afternoon, frostbite was canceled today.  This is the first time since I have been involved that we canceled due to the temperature!

2/7 - Winds started light around 10 kts SW and got lighter backing to the SE.  Had to give up around 3pm.

1/31 - Canceled!   Winds getting into the 20s SW quite a bit.

1/24 - Even though we had a snow storm yesterday the boats were shoveled out and 8 races were held in winds that lightened as the day progressed.  Winds were out of the N starting around 15 kts and very light at the end.

1/17 - No sunshine but nice winds around 10 kts sort of out of the NE and temp in the mid 30s. 30 people raced today and 9 races were run; 4 for the A fleet and 5 for the B fleet since the A fleet had an extra race on 1/1.

1/10 - Here we go again!  Didn't even have to show up; wind in the 20s and 30s and pouring rain.  Canceled.

1/3 - Here we go again!  Small Craft Warnings with gusts to 30 kts so we didn't race. "Another one bites the dust".

1/1 - We actually raced!  7 races were run before the darkness shut us down.  28 people showed up!  Go winds for the first day; 8-12 WNW.  Only 11 boats available; boat 4 has bent mast.  Should be fixed for Sunday 1/3.