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4/19 - The racing is over.  We went into todays racing with three people vying for 1st place.  They ended up finishing the day's racing in the same order that they started today's racing all within one point of each other: 1st Adam Cove, 2nd FJ Ritt, 3rd Rick Nebiola.  The conditions were SE winds about 10-15 gusty and mild.  Check the final results for the results for the season.  The most races anyone had this year was 24.  Last year someone had 45 races.  Only 18 people qualified this year however last year 23 qualified.  It was one of the least sailed years of which we have records for.
See you 2 May 6 pm at the Frostbite Awards.

4/12 - Nice day but building winds out of the SW resulted in 3 races for the A fleet and 2 races for the B fleet. Both Jonathan Thurston and Paul Cove decided to go for a swim in 38 degree water.

3/29 - Can you believe it?  They actually raced today.  Got 6 races in then the wind shifted from NW to SW and 2 more races were held.

3/22 - Can you believe it?  Nope, no racing again.  Winds puffing to 30 kts.  The lasers didn't even go out.

3/15 - No racing again.  This time from too much wind.

3/9 - No racing again.  Again the marina was frozen.

3/1 - No racing again.  The marina is frozen in.

2/22 - Racing canceled due to ice flow in the marina and harbor.  And besides there was no wind to speak of.

2/15 - Racing canceled due to snow storm; the club was closed also.

2/8 - Really light conditions; the calm before the storm.  Expecting the snow to start somewhat soon.  NE winds at around 8kts.  Only got 6 races in.

2/1 - Beautiful day.  First time we got 4 races in for each class (8 total). Sun was shinning and winds were 10-15 out of the NW.

1/25 - Wind was out of the NW 10-28 kts but sunny conditions.  Only 2 races had been held before this so they were itching to race so they raced.  Only 12 people showed up so they had only one class and the crash boat crewed was rotated out in between races.  During the end of the last race Brooke went in, turtled, so racing was canceled for the day.

1/18 - They thought they would race but after taking the boats out they decided to call it quits.  Wind was out of the SE puffing to 30kts.

1/11 - We actually raced today.  Winds about 15 kts out of the SW but temp in the mid 20s.  Brrrr.  Unfortunately we only got 4 races in due to a motor problem with the crash boat.

1/4 - Another one bites the bullet.  No racing today again.

 1/1 - We are off to a great start!  We had sun, mid 30s temp but too much wind.  We put one boat in and a few people just sailed back and forth in the marina.  Anyways we didn't race.  Maybe on Sunday.