2014 Frostbite Racing

Frostbite starts 1 January at the Newport Yacht Club. After this we race every Sunday till the middle of April. We start setting up the boats at 1130. We typically have two classes, A and B. Position from previous weeks racing determines what class one is put in. There actually is a C Class however they never leave the bar! We typically rotate the classes; Class A races with Class B running the race, then Class B races with Class A running the race, etc.

Class B rounding the windward mark.Class B heading downwind with Charlie Shoemaker in the crash boat observing.George Kirk approaching the windward mark.Class A start: L to R - FJ Ritt, Roy Guay, Paul Fleming, Bob Morton, Paul Del Nero just before Roy Guay turtled while tacking.



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1 Jan 5 Jan 12 Jan 19 Jan 26 Jan
2 Feb 9 Feb 16 Feb 23 Feb
2 Mar 9 Mar 16 Mar 23 Mar 30 Mar
6 Apr 13 Apr


5/2 - Frostbite Awards - loads of people showed up providing plenty of great food. The following awards were given: 1st Rick Nebiolo, 2nd FJ Ritt, 3rd Adam Cove, Top Woman Finisher - Kate Wilson 5th. The following is from Winkle: "Frostbiters: Thank you, thank you for another chilly, windy, & memorable season! What a wonderful turnout for our potluck celebration - such a fantastic array of food & characters. It was such an honor to receive the Spirit of Frostbite Sailing award - especially so as it was presented by Charlie himself. If you missed the celebration last night I will be getting you your participation Frostbite Croakies & a first place glass if you were ever a race winner.

A special thank you to the Committee, everyone who has helped keep the boats on the water, & to the kitchen crew: Karen, the Renfrews, Mike, Scott, Wilma & others - I am sure we were all in there at one time or another. Next year we will definitely hire a dishwasher!!

Happy Sailing! Hoping you'll all (except for those who will be leaving us) be back next year. Happy Sailing!

4/13 - This is it! Last day of 2014 and it was a beautiful day; much better than predicted. After racing the masts were taken down and both the masts and booms were stowed for the season. And for the season: 1st - Rick Nebiolo, 2nd - FJ Ritt, 3rd Adam Cove. Congratulations!

4/6 - Lots of people today. 8 races were held. Beautiful sunny day but the SW kicked in and it was fairly breezy; 15-22 kts. Next week is the last week.

3/30 - What an awful day. Wind was out of the NNW 15-20 with some strong gusts and misting to actual raining. The crash boat died (bad battery cable) and two rudders broke. However they were able to get 5 races in.

3/16 - Another beautiful day with similar conditions to last weekend and again we were able to get in 12 races.

3/9 - Beautiful day with NW winds 10-15 kts. Since first day of Daylight Savings we were able to get 12 races in.

3/2 - Absolutely no WIND! Canceled again.

2/23 - We had a wonderful day and were able to race 5 races in each class. Winds were nice at SW 12-15.

2/16 - After cleaning off all the snow from in and around the boats e got one race in. The next one generated someone for the Turtle Award (Eric Irwin).

2/9 - The boats needed to be cleaned out of snow and ice so they didn't get started until late and then the wind died out in the 4th race so only 4 races were had.

2/2 - They actually raced today. Nice weather and wind. 8 races were held.

1/26 - Another one again again bites the dust. Way too cold.

1/19 - Another one again bites the dust. Way too much wind. Maybe again next week.

1/12 - Another one bites the dust. Too much wind. Maybe next week.

1/5 - Absolutely no wind. Our first day off, already.

1/1 - Nice sunny day but temp in the 20s and wind chill in the teens however we had a great turnout with quite a few new victims, ah I mean people. Looks like Brenda is in A fleet Sunday! We got 6 races in with the winds being nice to us. Some boats did get icy inside.