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4/14 - Well this is it.  Last day of the 2013 Frostbite series. Eight races were held with NW winds at 10-20; typical NW winds.  We had to finish the season with someone going in the water.  Turtle goes to Larry Goss. First, second and third goes to:  FJ Ritt, Adam Cove and Chris Arner.  An amazing amount of people qualified this year.

4/7 - Guess what?  Another one bites the dust.  SW 19-25 kts.  Maybe next week which is the last week  for frostbite.

 3/24 - Nice weather, fairly light wind and sunshine.  Started out NW 5-10 then shifted to SW around 10 kts in the middle of a B fleet race.  The B fleet started first and got and extra race in over the A fleet to make up for the previous week.

3/17 - Nice but cold.  NW 10-20 kts.  Got 9 races in but had to relocate boats so that the Roger's High can use the 420s.

3/10 - Racing finally occurred after 4 straight weeks of no racing.  Ten races were held which took a long time due to the dying breeze in the middle of racing.

3/3 - Since I'm not racing I can comment.  They left early. The wind came in at 1300, 10 kts SW.  Oh well.  4th week no racing.

2/24 - Well, they actually tried.  Once they were out there they realized they were out of their elements! Racing was canceled.  Yoshiro Inagaki's wife provided Japanese curry which was well received.

2/17 - Just another snow storm and wind canceled racing again.

2/10 - 20 inches of snow on Friday shut down the area.  Besides the snow power was off for most of the weekend.  Obviuosly racing was canceled.

2/3 - NW light breeze 8-12.  Got 8 races in even with Super Bowl day.

1/27 - Cold but nice winds NW 10-15.  We got 8 races in.

1/20 - Rumor has it that actually 10 people showed up!  Actually racing was canceled due to winds 20-30 kts out of the SW.  Temperature was nice though.  Well, maybe next week.  Also, a couple of protest hearings were held with the result of Dave Davis being DSQ'd in race 3 of last week's racing.  The results have been updated.

1/13 - 28 people showed up today for light foggy conditions. however they were able to get in 8 races.

1/6 - We actually raced.  Twenty six people showed up so we were doing Xs right from the start as in last year.  The winds were hitting 20 kts initially out of the WSW but they mellowed down to about 12 kts by the time we finished.

1/1 - Some of us our off to a flying start!  Paul Cove took all firsts as well as Allen Renfrew!  Dream on!  Wind was gusting to 30 knots at various times so racing today was canceled.   Hoping for next Sunday.