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4/28 - The awards were held tonight.  Quite the crowd showed up.  Hats were given out to all and glasses given out to all that had a first place during the season.  First, second and third prizes were given out to FJ Ritt, Rick Nebiolo and Chris Arner.

4/15 - The final day of the 2012 season.  We got 8 races in (4 each class) with the winds blowing SW 15-20kts.  After racing we took down the masts and stored them in the building along with the masts for next season.

4/1 - We had fairly nice winds S 10-16 but since it was from the south the whole time it was pretty choppy and these boats don't necessarily go fast in chop.  The chop was so bad that the results just tumbled all the results.By the way, this is April Fools Day!

3/25 - Since the B fleet didn't race last week we started and ended with the B fleet today for a total of 9 races.  Winds started out of the East and shifted to the NNE by the last couple of races 5-12 kts.  Very fluky conditions.

3/18 - We were hemming and hawing as to whether we should go out since the winds were between SW 16-25.  Finally the A fleet went out which was interesting.  Then the B fleet went out.  Two people fell out of their boats before the start but were able to get back in without turtling the boat which is impressive.  Then at the windward mark Trip Alyn pitched poled worthy of Dr. Crash.  So the race was canceled as well as racing for the rest of the day.

3/11 - The prediction initially was 5-10 SW but when they finally looked out it was blowing above 20 so the prediction changed to 20-30 SW.  Needless to say we didn't race.

3/4 - Very light wind out of the N; uh NE and NW also.  Anyways, we got 4 races in after waiting for some kind of wind to come in.  Alan Renfrew race 35 was corrected and Jonathan Thurston's 41st race was corrected also.

2/26 - Started windy and we delayed the first start to avoid the 25+ puffs but the day settled into a NW 12-18 under sunny skies. We got off 4 races in each fleet. Boat 9's mast was broken due to a collision.

2/19 - Nice day but fluky wind.  Started of NNW light then kind of went NE then died completely then came in from the S 10-13 for the last 3 races.

2/12 - Well we had two problems.  The crash boat was frozen and wouldn't start.  George H swapped out the battery with the whaler and got the crash boat started.  However the wind is howling and the temperature is 28 degrees F.  Sooo... we canceled.  

2/5 - No extra people today!  The winds were real light and switched from NW to N to SW.  We had to wait it out a little and thus only got 6 races in.

1/29 - The wind increased to 30 knots so we called it after 2 races.

1/22 - The wind disappeared after 4 races so that was it for the day.

1/15 - No racing due to bad weather.

1/1 - 29 people showed up for the first day of the 2012 frostbite season.  Fairly sunny warm day with winds initially light getting up to about 12 kts out of the SW.  4 races were held in each class.