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04/17/11: Several people were eager to go out and race a couple of races: Bob Mortin needed more races to qualify, Bea wanted John Thurston to increase the number of races so that FJ couldn't qualify.  In reality there was no way we were going to race.  The winds were out of the SW 30kts with gusts to 35kts.  So we took the masts down and stored the masts and booms till next December when we rig the boats again.  End of 2011 Frostbite Season!  Awards 7 May 6pm.

04/10/11: It felt like there was a concerted effort to get in as many races as we can to bump FJ off!  Naw, must have been my imagination.  We had 11 races in yesterday.  It was a great day for sailing, the winds were very nice S 10-15 and we never had to readjust the marks.  The B fleet last week had one less race so this week they finished with one extra (6) race relative to the A fleet.  Next week is the end of the season.  A protest hearing was held after racing for three protests: two were disallowed and one resulted in Tripp Alyn being disqualified for his second race on 3/27.

04/03/11: We probably shouldn't have raced; one mast was bent and Roy Guay went swimming.  The wind was normally 15-25kts NW but at times the wind died down to 5-8 kts.  One time the wind hit 30kts as we were approaching the windward mark for the second time which happens to be when someone went swimming.  The A fleet tried it again but decided to quit racing after.  So B fleet starts first next week.

03/27/11: Roy Guay didn't sail today so that kept the number of races to qualify at 21 for today.  Bob Mortin had a wonderful day as well as Charlie Shoemaker and Suzy Harrington.

03/20/11: We didn't start racing for awhile due to the wind dying and shifting to the SE at about 1300.  We still got 8 races in.  The wind was very shifty which made for many change in positions.

03/13/11: The prediction was for gust to 30 however it was pretty nice when we started, NW 10-15 with plenty of sunshine.  However after getting in 4 races the win was blowing well over 20kts when the A fleet went out for the 5th race and several people nearly went in.  We called it but we had the 4 races in.

03/06/11: We pushed the envelope this time.  Winds were 15-25 out of the SSW-SSE.  Ed Brady fell in completely at the dock.  Several people came real close to loosing it during the racing; many stories.  But we raced.  Every one gave up after 6 races especially seeing the B fleet coming into the finish with a big breeze all on the stern to keep the bow from nose diving.j  Twenty people braved the conditions.

02/27/11: We had to shovel off the docks and clean out the boats due to a little bit of snow that showed up during the night but we were able to race and got 10 races in; our first this year.  The wind started out around 10kts out of the NNW and switched to the NNE picking up to 12-15kts.  The sun even came out for the last several races.

02/20/11: Didn't think we would race but it was a nice day.  People slowly came in today causing us to start late.  Out of the NW to NNW it was of course very shifty.  We still got in 8 races.

02/13/11: I don't show up and they cancel the racing!  Actually the wind was blowing over 20 kts a lot so the day's sailing was canceled.

02/06/11: As of Friday before there was no way we were going to be able to sail Sunday; ice was thick on the docks, ramp and probably in the boats.  After Saturday's temperature and rain the docks, ramp and boats were totally clear.  We had a wonderful day; sunny, temp in lower 40s, dieing breeze from 15kts NW to about 5kts.  We were only able to get 6 races in and that last race was a real slow one.  Bea Grimmitt continued her hot streak but this time in the A fleet: 1,2,2.

01/30/11: Ended up being a beautiful day.  The sun was shining.  The temperature was in the high 30s.  The wind started out of the SSW fairly light and for the last two races out of the NW.  We had 23 people participate today with three new people.  Bea Grimmitt had the nerve to race in the B fleet and got four firsts.

01/23/11: Not at good day. Low 20's, winf blowing about 20kts NW and about 1./2 inch ice around the boats, we decided to not race.  Oh well next week!  Oh, I guess I should mention that I fell in the water after breaking up the ice with the crash boat while jumping to the dock; but it doesn't count as a turtle.  I'm taking after Charlie Shoemaker.

01/16/11: Much nicer day than predicted.  22 people showed up.  We only got 6 races in because Rick Best decided to go for a swim in the middle of a B fleet race so the race had to be rerun once he and the boat were retrieved.

01/09/11: We actually sailed 8 races today with winds up there, NW 15-20 with gusts well above that.  Very impressive, no one went in.  We had 16 people brave enough to go out.

01/02/11: Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  No wind today so we canceled.

01/01/11: We actually raced; first time on 1 Jan in 3 years.  We had real nice weather, in the 50s with wind out of the SW 8-15.  We had a banner turnout; 24 people showed up but with only 11 boats available we needed to use the "X".  Tomorrow is the next day for racing.