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4/18/10: Well, we got some races in, not as many as we would have liked.   The season is over!  We only got 5 races in due to the changing and dying breeze. Not everyone was happy but oh well.  FJ Ritt did it again and won this year with Steve Clarke 2nd and Paul Del Nero 3rd (again).

4/11/10: Another one bites the dust.  Literally.  Johnathan Thurston turtled before we even started.  The wind was questionable but afterwards the wind increased even more to 26 kts SW.  So we gave up.  Next week is the last day of 2010 Frostbite.

3/28/10: Cloudy day, winds ESE 10-20, very puffy and shifty.  But we got 10 races in with some long legged races.

3/21/10: Nice day weather wise; sunny winds out of the ESE 10-20.  We got 8 races in.  Could have had another 2 races in however FJ decided to pull the plug!

3/14/10: Only 5 people showed up so Winkle volunteered to do race committee while the four of us (Charlie Shoemaker, Dave Wilson, Ed Brady and Roy Guay) raced.  Winds were out of the East at 15 to 30 kts.  All four of us managed to get a first each in four races.  NOT REALLY; WE DIDN'T RACE AT ALL.

3/7/10:  We had absolutely no wind until about 1345 when it came in from the SW.  We managed to get 4 races in when the wind shifted to the West then NW then SW which time we gave up.

2/28/10: This time we gave the B fleet an extra race so we got 9 races in.  We had nice weather today, North 8-12 kts.

2/21/10: Didn't look good initiall, 20-30kts NW.  We gave it a little while and the wind calmed down a little so we started racing in 15-20 kts NW.  As the day went on the wind calmed down further btwn 10-20 kts NW.  New comer Rick Best turtled a boat right at the dock before we started racing.

2/14/10: The winds were unkind again.  We emptied the snow out of the boats from Wednesday's storm and by then the wind was over 20 so another one bites the dust.

02/07/10: The wind was a little strong.  One person turtled in the B fleet so they never got in a race and the A fleet only got 2 races in.  Winds were 15-25 out of the North.

01/31/10: Unbelievable.  Still racing.  Sunny, light breeze out of the North (so wicked shifty) and we got 8 races in again.  No broken tiller extensions today; Fred Roy wasn't here today.

01/24/10: And the streak continues!  Nice wind although very shifty.  We got 8 races in so it was a pretty good day.

01/17/10: Amazing, two weeks in a row we have raced!  The winds were pretty nice and we had 20 people show up using 10 boats in each class.  We got in another 6 races.  Fred Roy is now up to 3 broken tiller extensions in just two weeks!

01/10/10: Finally, we raced although the temp was in the 20s which was cold and some of the boats were slippery.  The wind went from 10-15 NNW to much lighter but we got 6 races in.  16 people showed up to race including some new people and a youngster, Patrick McDaid.

01/03/10: Continuing as in 2009, today was canceled due to heavy winds, snow in the boats and dock and cold themperature.  And besides only 4 people showed up;  Bob Mortin did a drive through but didn't stop.

01/01/10: We are off to a repeat of 2009.  We cleaned the snow off the boats then the wind went totally flat; no wind.  Racing canceled.  However we had quite a few people show up to register for racing this year.