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04/19/: This is it, all done for 2009.  We had 11 people show up for racing. Fairly strong winds out of the North, puffs up to at least 20 if not more (of course this is from a light person).  We got 6 races in and then gave up and started dismanteling the boats.  We have Satruday scheduled at 0930 to take the boats out and put them up for the summer till next year.  Awards next on 15 May.
04/12/09:  It's Easter and it's blowing!  Only 7 people showed up for racing however the winds haven't let up and expected to stay howling for a few days.  Gusts up to 30kts.  Another one bites the dust; Canceled. Next week is it; the last day for Frostbite 2009.
04/05/09: The day didn't start off nice; sunshine but gust to 30kts.  We waited it out since the forcast predicted lower winds and the winds died down enough for us to race and we did race.  We got 6 races in with winds that were over powering me (but probably no one else) to fairly light at times.  Next week is Easter Sunday however it looks like there will be racing but most of the top people will not be racing.  The 19th is the last race of 2009!
03/29/09: Well we had breakfast here.  Rain was coming down like crazy and no wind.  The rain kind of stopped but the wind never picked up nor the enthusiasm of the few that were here.  Canceled, again!  3 weeks left.
03/22/09: What a range of conditions! Wind initially was somewhat strong but then the sun came out and it lightened up then the clouds came back and the wind with a vengeance for the last race where downwind was exciting.  Of course I was the only one overpowered!  Only 10 people showed up for sailing so we had one class and ran 5 races.
03/15/09: The day started out wonderful, light air, sunshine and I got 1st place on the first race.  Couldn't get any better and true it didn't.  But really the day was wonderful, any where from 5 knots SW initially to 15 kts SW with the sun shining through some clouds.  We kept on racing and got 10 races in easilly.
03/08/09: I understand it was a wonderful day, finally.  8 races were run.
03/01/09: Well, the decision was easy today.  Only 4 of us showed up; Roy, Scott, Jamie and Dave. So we raced 4 races, each got a first because we had 3 in the crash boat and rotated out!  Naw, I can't tell a lie, the day was canceled again.  It's hard to tell, we may have been able to sail if more people showed up.
02/22/09: Two weeks in a row.  A record for this year!  We got 6 races in however the first one didn't look good.  Just after the start we got hit by a 30 kt puff.  But as the day went on the winds died down to the point that the last race for the B fleet was real slow.  Winds were out of the WNW and it rained for most of it.
02/15/09: Hallelujah, we finally raced! And a beautiful day also.  Very fluky and light when you get near the windaward mark and finish, but it felt great to finally race.  Charlie Shoemaker didn't have a good day.  It started off that the outhaul let loose in the first race when he was leading by a lot and ended up not finishing.  The next race he nearly swamped the boat at the leward mark when jibbing and finished last and to top it off, he fell off the dock while putting the boats away!  The winds started off N 10-12 and backed to NW 8-10.
We foolishly went out due to frustration, I guess, however when we finally went out the wind hit 40kts, we canceled and Ed Bradey (who is by the way in 1st place) turtled the boat and went for a swim.  Fortunately the temperature was a nice 50 degrees but the wind was gusting to 30 or 40 kts.  So another day bites the dust.
Unbelievable, another day canceled.  The temperature was warm however the SW came in really strong; gusts as high as 40.  Another week Ed Bradey is in 1st place!
And another one bites the dust.  This one didn't have a chance; low 20's temp and wind.  Boats were freezing up before we even went out.  Next week? Ed Bradey is still in 1st for one more week, Charlie Shoe broke a boom and FJ is still in 7th place!
And another one bites the dust.  The boats were all snow covered however a group of us shoveled the docks and the boats.  The lines, etc. were still frozen with ice however there was no wind to speak of.  Temp around 32 degrees.  Maybe next week?
Oh well, another one bites the dust.  Canceled.  Besides the wind puffing over 20 knots, after shoveling to the boats and shoveling them out, the boats were all frozen and had thick ice in them.  Also the ramp down to the dock became slick and very dangerous.
We finally started for 2009.  What a beautiful day; sunshine and 8-10 kts NW.  We had 15 people show up and got 6 races in.  Another season started!
Canceled without even going outside.  It was howling!  Great start for the new year.  At least we had a good meal at NYC.