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4/13/08:  Last Day!  Charlie Shoemaker was in another world.  He not only won every race, he won handely each race!  The wind started SW and switched to the NW for the B fleet 1st race.  FJ Ritt finished in 1st place, Roy Guay in 2nd place and Paul Fleming 3rd place.  The end of another season of Frostbite sailing!
4/6/08:  Very puffy and strong puffs today.  NE 10 25 kts.  Got 3 races in.  Charlie swamped his boat at the dock leaving for the 4th race so we canceled for the day.
3/30/08: We decided to go with one class and got 6 races in.  The wind was NW for the first 3 and one half races.  During the 4th race the wind shifted to the SW and by the time we decided to go back out it was out of the SE for the last two races.
3/23/08: Easter and some fools actually raced.  At least it was a nice day for it. However, I hear that the wind started light in the first races, 4-7, then kept building until they had to quit with gust 30-35.  Great dinner from Skip Kirk-actually thanks to Pam Kirk.
3/16/08: We raced!  Amazing!  Out of the N-NE anywhere real light to 15 kts.  Mostly cloudy but actually had some periods with sunshine.  Some people did well but I wasn't one of them.
3/9/08: Another one bites the dust.  This is getting to be too much.  Puffs to 30 out of the west.   So we put the new junior dock in instead.
3/2/08: The winds were stong this time but out of the NW we set up a triangle course starboard roundings and were able to get 5 races in.  Only one race was pushing the limits (Probably I was the only one that was overpowered though).
2/24/08: We finally raced.  Initially the wind was out of the NW very light.  We waited after Class B raced until the WSW came in.  Got 3 races in for each class.
2/17/08: Well another day gone due to the weather gods.  Bea canceled the racing from church claiming information from a higher authority.  SSW 15-26.  We are keeping up with last year's lack of racing!
2/10/08: Another one bites the dust!  The wind went from 0 to 20+ in half an hour.  Gust over 50.  Canceled!
Temp in the high 40's, mostly light winds, wonderful day. We got 8 races in.
1/27/08: We actually raced!  Not enough people showed up to do two fleets so we did one fleet and Winkel Kelley and Paul Schmidle did race committee for us.  We got in 4 races.  For the first time that I can think of we were actually racing while it was snowing!
1/20/08: Well, I guess 2 weeks was enough.  Temp in the 20s and wind in the 20s canceled the racing today.  I wonder if the Patriots playing at 3pm had anything to do with it?
1/13/08: Wow, 2 weeks in a row!  Easterly made for very shifty conditions but decent breeze and another mild day.
1/6/08: We finally raced.   Great day for our first day of  racing; sunshine, mild and 8-12 kts SW, about 17 people.   Some new folks showed up.
Well, our first day didn't start well.   Puffs well over 30 kts.  So our first day will be on Sunday.