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 18 May - Frostbite Awards and Dinner. About 25 people showed up to celebrate the end of a season and pass out the awards: 1st place FJ Ritt, 2nd place Roy Guay, 3rd place Bob Morton and Sportsmanship Award to Bea Grimmitt. It was a wonderful evening and the food was good also. 15 Apr - That's it, fini, all done for 2007 and no races were even run today. Ugly conditions and besides only 4 people showed up. 8 Apr - Happy Easter! Ten people (but not me) actually showed up and braved cool blustery conditions, W 12-18 kts. Next week is the last Frostbite day of the season. 1 Apr - Nice day, got 10 races in. Sunny to start but clouds coming in. S 10-15 kts. Voted to race on Easter Sunday, next weekend.
25 Mar - Of all reasons for not racing, the crash boat would not start and we had no backup. It will be fixed for 1 April or we will have an alterantive.
18 Mar -
Nice sunny day however the wind was howling. Gusts were in the twenties and saw a 30 also. Not many folks showed up; two of which left not long after arriving. The Queen Frostbitter wasn't about to race either, a victim (?) of St Patty's Day the day before. Cancled!
11 Mar -
Fifty degrees and sunshine. Wind NNW 10-18. Beautiful day and we were tired after the 10th race. Lost another headstay as the boat was pulled up on the ramp; two down.
4 Mar -
Wind was blowing beteen 15 and 23 out of the West. Got 4 races in then the A fleet tried twice to start. The first time the head stay let loose on Paul Del Nero's boat. Switched to another boat and gave it a go again. This time Roy Guay (me), on trying to tack and duck Charlie Shoemaker went in the water. I wasn't the only person that went in. Les Stevens went in right at the dock before we even went out to race; at least I went in while racing!
25 Feb -
We waited around because the NW died out and we could see the S trying to come in but we didn't get going until 2pm. However we got three races in using one class and the race committee determined by the drawn X. Nice warm day and light air.
18 Feb -
Actually not a bad day. Started light but after two races the WNW came in strong, about 12-20 with occasional gusts above 20.
11 Feb -
Weird day. Started extremly light from the NW then it died and the SW came in 15 to 25. The B fleet 1st race was cancled due to no wind then their second race with the wind blowing up to 25, George Kirk took a nose dive after rounding the windward mark; turtle.
4 Feb - Bright sunshine but 15-30 kts out of the WSW and about 25 degrees; not pleasant. No one wanted to race. Cancled.
28 Jan - LIGHT wind, 16 people and very shifty, like 2nd place to 2nd to last in the final leg! Nice day though.
21 Jan - Wind was gusting over 20 out of the North but we started anyways but put in a jibe mark near the dock to avoid downwind in the puffs for the first 2 races. The temp was mid 20s and slush was in the bottom of the boats. The wind lightened and we got a total of 6 races in. Other than being pretty cold, it wasn't a bad day or racing.
14 Jan - We finally raced! And we got 8 races in. The weather was nice enough to wait on the rain until we finished putting the boats away. We saw the return of George and Skip Kirk to frostbitting after years of absence.
7 Jan - Oh-oh. Canceled again this time because of no wind!
1 Jan - 2007 started the way 2006 finished; another day of no racing. Very wet day and with the winds 15-20 gusting to 30 out of the south, no one wanted to go out; well almost no one!